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2019 Spring/Summer Trends

There are a lot of spring and summer trends for 2019 that many fashion editors have already written about. But in this post, I will talk about the most popular 8 trends of the season that will capture your wardrobe certainly, the ones that you could not pass by without buying. By being introduced with 2019 spring/summer hottest tendencies you will be well prepared for the season and be instructed with the principles of what to buy in your next shopping. If you want to have your spring/summer wardrobe up to date and do not want to stay behind of 2019 spring/summer trends, just keep reading. You ready, let’s get started!

1.      Leopard Print

As you might remember, animal print was the hottest trend of 2018 Fall-Winter Fashion. It seems that in the spring/summer seasons, leopard print will be on the tendency again. In 2018, the animal print was popular on winter boots and coats mostly. In the spring/summer 2019 fashion, you can see animal print skirts and dresses virally. So, investing in money on a leopard print skirt will be a clever choice. Besides, you can combine it with a basic white t-shirt and a denim jacket that will make you look stunning and trendy.

2.      All the Beige

May we name it “Kim Kardashian style”? ? The most favourite styling way of Kim is wearing all nude colours. But this season, Kim will not be the only person wearing all the beige colours. Because this colour palette is one of the most popular trends of 2019 spring/summer fashion that we are going to see everywhere. If you are more neutrally minded, you will love this trend for sure. All the beige trend looks sophisticated, mature and expensive. By wearing all the beige colours head to toe, you will get an effortless but very chic, confident and elegant look. Do not put much thought into getting the colour consistency. Just combine your favourite pieces in different tones of beige.

3.       Neon

Neon was the trend colour of 2018 either, but this year you are going to see neon colour a lot. Especially, neon crop tops and striped high-heels are all over Instagram. The best thing is about this trend, you do not need to think a lot about what to wear when you are going out or to a party. Neon will care of it. Just wear your neon top with your light-washed denim jeans or skirt, and you are ready to go! Wearing head to toe neon can seem very tricky and risky. Do not worry, just keep your accessories simple and basic, like wearing transparent shoes or black boots. In this way you will have a perfect balance and, neon will be the hero of your look.

4.      Pastel Suit

I would say it is one of the best hits of spring trends ever. Bright pastel suit will make you feel energetic, exclusive and trendy. You do not need to put so much effort into your look to be chic and attractive. All you need is perfect suit with your favourite pastel colour and your basic white tee to wear under. Combining pastel suits with basic white sneakers or a stiletto in the same color as your suit is among the best ways to style them. You can find a wide range of different options of styling pastel suits that street style stars showing us how to wear it.

5.      Prairie Dress

Prairie Dress is going to become the biggest deal for 2019 spring/summer. They can seem difficult to style or combine with your current wardrobe pieces, but there is always a way in the fashion world. The key to making them look polish is in the accessories. Wear your long sleeve prairie dress with your favourite spring-summer boots and add a belt if you wish. If you are concerned that a long-line designed prairie dress is not a right choice for you, a mini white dress can be a convenient, suitable and not risky way for you into the trend.

6.      Metallic Fabrics

Fashion is all about to attract all the attention to ourselves. Wearing metallic pieces is a significant way of taking all the reflections and feeling eyes on us. We saw surprising amount of metallic fabrics, especially in jackets on the runways of Sally Lapointe, Vivien Hu, and Marcel Ostertag. In some other designer collections catwalks, we can also see metallic jumsuits as well. So, it is depending on your choice, to wear head to toe metallic or be convinced just by a metallic jacket. Adding a metallic jacket to your casual spring/summer jean-tee look will change the whole concept into a positive way. Wear your favourite white t-shirt and spring denim jeans, then put on your new metallic jacket. You will shine in the spring/summer sunlight!

7.      Mint Colour

Trend forecasting service WGSN has revealed that a pastel shade of green, will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in 2020. 2019 spring/summer fashion trends are all about gender-neutral. Mint green colour has counted the colour of the gender-neutral image. Therefore, it is logical that the mint colour is going to capture the fashion world for more than one year. So, investing money in a good piece of mint colour cloth is a clever way to be prepared for the next years. Mint is a colour of freshness and coolness. Wearing a mint dress will ensure a romantic look. Keep in mind, this colour dress is an impressive look for the first date in a spring/summer day.

8.      Boilersuit

From the above trends, we have already seen that 2019 spring/summer trends are all about showiness, extreme look and attractiveness. To stand out from others with your taste of styling on any occasion, boilersuit is the best way of reaching this goal. It gives you an effortless, powerful style. I would say it is a time-saving wardrobe staple for busy working women. Compared to jumpsuits, boilersuits are designed in a relaxed fit that you can be styled to fit the concept of different occasions. By adding a high-heel, you can transfer your look into the evening. It will also look effortlessly cool with ankle boot or sneakers.

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