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Love is a feeling for life?

 Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced love, whether they were loved or have loved. Love seems to be the main underlying goal that we all strive for in our lifetimes. It is the one thing that we all, as humans, have in common. There are many different types of love: family love, friendship love, conceptual love, and intimate love. Many people have a hard time finding words to express this intense feeling because everyone’s experience and meaning of it is different. The thing is that with love, it is not positive or negative; it seems to have its ups and downs. However, we still go throughout life searching for it, without ever giving up.

It is difficult to answer precisely and unambiguously what love is. This is a special feeling that we cannot describe in words. But if you still try, then probably the main sign of love is the desire to never lose this person. There is almost a physical need for him to be there. And we are talking not only about physical contact. Nearby it does not mean constantly being in the same room. To be near means to be near spiritually, to call up, to correspond, just to feel that this person is in our life. But if we say that love has passed, then we are judged by the fact that such feelings have disappeared. So it is, but not quite.


The advantages of giving love to the other person are essentially to fulfill our inner need and to generate happiness. If we demand love from other person, we may not be able to feel it when our inner condition is filled with negative feelings. Love is an activity of thinking good about others, doing all that can be done to make others feel good and acting in a manner that other person feels comfortable. It is not something to be demanded as it cannot be preserved; and we cannot take it or feel it unless we make ourselves capable for it.


Everyone feels impact of love in their life. When you think good of other person, you are in same wavelength as your inner self (soul), which makes you feel light and joyful. Such feeling is love. It is not easy for a person to love someone as it takes time to understand and then develop liking of that person.



Love passes on different occasions, but if we quite easily give up feeling, it means that it was not real love. True love comes only once or twice in a lifetime. This is exactly the feeling that is never forgotten. Even if we tell ourselves and others that love has passed and we no longer love this person, in fact there is some truth in our words. Often, people have to lose love because the relationship does not develop. The reason for this is either the understanding that you simply cannot be together because of some vital factors, or because the person was not like you imagined him.



What does it mean to stop loving? It means making your brain dominate the heart. We find rational reasons for forgetting someone. And over time, we already cease to think constantly about him and live on. But if you honestly avouch to yourself, then somewhere of depths of the soul, we still have those same feelings. We simply do not give ourselves the opportunity to think about this person. And as you know, if you do not think about something, then over time it fades. Yes, it is fading, but not erased from memory. And if there is some kind of excuse, an emotional outburst, it then begins to flare up again. But if a person understands that he will destroy his life, he tries to immediately overcome his heart with his mind and not allow himself to plunge into this feeling again.

It is said that love cannot be controlled, but in reality this is not at all the case. It can be controlled if there are no permanent factors that influence feelings. That's why people try not to communicate at all or to reduce communication to a minimum with people whom they loved and with whom they broke up. When a man and a woman can be friends after parting, it only means that there was no real love between them. It was a strong sympathy and affection, but not love. When a man truly loves, he cannot always be close to the object of love, as feelings begin to get out of control. Therefore, if you have grown up with a man and offer him friendship, and he cannot agree to it, it means that he really loved you very much and loves you. And realizing that he does not want to hurt himself or you, he tries to reduce your communication to a minimum so that no one has to suffer.

Love is an extraordinary and inexplicable feeling, love falls on almost all people in the world. Love cannot be controlled by the mind. Love is boundless as the sky. Love is as bright as the sun. Love is as deep as the ocean. Love comes and goes, brings bliss and pain. Love leaves a feeling that something unforgettable and extraordinary happened to you.

Love is when you see all its flaws, and it seems to be perfect anyway. When you spend hours with him, it seems to you that seconds have passed. And saying goodbye, you will say 20 times so far and you will not be able to move away from each other, and when all the same, be happy, you will think how long the time lasts, you will be able to count the minutes and imagine how you will meet again.

Until now, no one has given a clear idea of what love is. But one thing we know for sure. Love is a unique feeling that captures you entirely. Love inspires and makes powerless, revives and kills, pleases and grieves, helps and interferes. It is different ... and each has its own ...

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