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10 Fashion Trends that Guys Love So Much When You Wear

10 Fashion Trends that Guys Love So Much When You Wear

“Clothing is just something you put on to cover yourself. Fashion is a way to communicate” said Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. We express ourselves through the way we wear, combine the clothes. As we are unique our way of styling is also unique and exclusive. Every girl has a different taste in fashion and loves combining clothes in a particular way. Some of them prefer casual outfits, some of them love the dressy look and some girls like to mix the things up. But one thing combines in itself all these various tastes and ways of styling, is to look unique and to be seen by others, especially by our crush. Sometimes, the efforts spent on styling might not be helpful. Fortunately, there is a certain way to help you out to grab the attention of your crush. There are some fashion trends and a piece of clothes that guys go crazy when a girl wear them. Therefore, we decided to prepare a post about 10 Fashion Trends that Guys Love So Much When You Wear. Keep reading and take your notes about our extra tips which will give you a hand on how to combine these pieces.

  1. Backless Tops or Dresses

It is undeniable fact that guys love when girls show a little bit of skin in a delicate way. When it comes to it, guys absolutely love backless tops or dresses in a girl. A girl’s back is a part of the body that guys are drawn into and cannot keep their eyes away. When a girl goes out in a backless dress, guys become hypnotized. So, if you have a backless top, shirt, sweater or a dress, go for it.

Bonus Tip: Try to avoid showing too much skin. Wear your backless top with a jean instead of a mini skirt or short. Keep the things in balance.

  1. Baseball Caps

Yeah, it can be shocking that why guys love baseball caps when girls wear them. A baseball cap is a rescue for girls during a bad hair day. But this athletic headwear is one type of accessory most of the guys absolutely love. We found the reason. When a girl wears a baseball cap she looks relaxed, cool and self-confident which grasp the attention of guys. By wearing a simple baseball cap, you can show confidence and self-esteem without spending much effort on your look.

Bonus Tip: There is a thin line between looking so casual and confident. Sometimes wearing a baseball cap can fade your femininity. Therefore, to look feminine wear makeup or a bold colourful lipstick to brighten your face up under the cap.

  1. Faux Black Leather Jackets

First of all, faux leather jackets are one of the wardrobe basics that every woman should have in their closet. It is a timeless piece that you can wear anytime with anything, over your summer dresses or your sweater in autumn, it does not matter. In another way, faux leather jacket is named as a biker jacket as well. It makes you look cool, very confident, fearless and sexy. When a girl wears a leather jacket in any style, a guy cannot help but fall in love with the rocker-inspired look. This look gives a message to a guy that you are ready for any adventure with him. All you need is a bike ?

Bonus Tip: To add a femininity and softness to your look pair your faux leather jacket with a frilly skirt or a floral dress.

  1. Activewears

Gym clothes are worn out of the gym in the last years. Celebrities are wearing gym-wear as daywear. It is all about comfort and feeling good in your outfit. On the other hand, it is one way of showing the gym body and how fit are you. Therefore, guys love when girls wear activewear in their daily life. The skintight fabric of workout pants and tank tops really grasps their attention. It gives a message to the guys that how dedicated are you into fitness and healthy life.

  1. Jeans + White Tee Look

A Jeans + White tee combo is a timeless and staple look in the fashion world that everyone loves and cannot get enough of it. It is a kind of look that gives you a chance by adding some pieces of jewellery, accessories you can change the whole concept from very casual into very chic and stylish. The guys also love its simplistic chic look. You can pair this combination with a high-heel, a black loafer or a white sneaker depend on your choice.

Bonus Tip: To add a different vibe to your look wear some gold necklace with small details on it.

  1. Lace Clothes

As it was mentioned before, guys love when girls show a bit of skin. A lace skirt or lace details in the fringe of a beautiful dress allows a tiny bit of skin to peek through the material, and this drives guys wild. They cannot resist girl’s clothing that consists of lace because it looks very feminine, delicate and elegant.

Bonus Tip: To avoid very dressy and fancy look, add casual pieces to your look. Pair a lace skirt with a sweater or wear a cowboy boot under your lace dress.

  1. Oversized Sweaters

There is no valid reason not to love oversized sweaters. They are fall wardrobe essential that everyone should own one. Firstly, they are super warm and keeps you cosy. Secondly, they can be combined with practically any other item in your closet to create a layered look. Guys also a big fan of seeing a girl in her big cosy sweater. It gives a vibe to guys that she is comfortable in her own skin and she looks comfy, sweet and ready for hugging.

Bonus Tip: Oversized pullover can conceal your body shape. Therefore, to prevent looking shapeless create a balance by wearing it with skinny jeans or cinching your waist with a belt.

  1. Ponytails

Ponytails, beachy waves are favourite girl hairstyles of guys. They like when a girl keeps simple her hairstyle by rocking a basic ponytail. When a girl’s hair is away from her face, pulled back, a guy can see the full face, can observe every feature, every mimic and every line of her face. According to guys, girls look more elegant, polished and confident with a ponytail hairstyle.

  1. Sport Jersey Tops

Majority of guys are big fans of sports. Therefore, seeing a girl in a jersey top can blow their minds. A girl in an oversized jersey top or a crop jersey top looks sexy and hot in guys’ eyes. If the girl wears a jersey tee from the guy’s favourite team he can go crazy. It passes the message to the guys that she is interested in the sport. The fact that she likes sports is already a determining factor for most guys. When a girl wears a jersey tee, a guy instinctively assumes she’s going to be cool, relaxed and full of fun.

Bonus Tip: Try to identify a thin border between looking very sporty and girly, sexy. In order to accomplish this look, pair a jersey tee with a mini skirt or shorts. Simple makeup or wavy hairstyle can be also an option.

  1. Summer Dresses

Take out your summer dress, girl! Summer is already here! If there’s one thing guys love about the beginning of warmer months, it’s the returning of sundresses. According to guys, every girl looks like a goddess in a summer dress that flows in the wind. It looks very feminine and delicate. A flower printed summer dress fits perfectly and stunning every girl.

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