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5 Ideas about What to wear on a First Date in Spring (2019)

A First date is one of the remarkable and memorable day of our life. It is one of the times that we are extremely excited about our date, feeling butterflies in our stomach. It is the beginning of a new relationship and awesome thing that can happen to each of us. In the meanwhile, a first date is a stressfull event in terms of several aspects. The more we are excited about this day, the more we feel stressful and worried about different things like how will it go, how to start a conversation, how to show ourselves, what to talk and so on. One of these worries is included What to wear on a first date. It is a very tricky question and has many answers. In this post, I chose 5 Ideas What to wear on a first date in Spring (2019) for you that will give a help with your decision. As spring is in the corner, I decided to choose the main 5 outfit ideas for the spring season, and share some tips regarding these looks.

As I have already said, the first date plays an important role in the way of our relationship. The status of a relationship depends on that day, will you continue to your relationship, will you step forward, will be there a second date or you think that you are not the best for each other. On the another hand, apart from your personal characteristics and peculiarities, the way you look, and your outfit choice is as important as these things. You want to look cute in your date outfit, but you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard. Generally, none of the sides wants to give a wrong message to other side with their look and outfit. In conclusion, if you are worried and stressed about what to wear on your first date, stay tuned and keep reading!

  1. For “Jeans Girls”

The concept of staying true to yourself and your style is important in the first date. It is understandable that you want to be classy and respectful, but you don’t want to fake it. It is necessary to be yourself! There are plenty of ways to add a little sophistication and class to an outfit that you would normally wear in your day to day life like this outfit. If you are “a pair of jeans+T-shirt” girl, if your comfort is more important than anything else, then this outfit is absolute fits with your taste. Stay in your favourite jeans. By adding this kind of embroidered shirt on your look you will change the whole concept and look very feminine even in your casual jeans. As we are talking about spring dates, wearing a mules with showing of your ankles will add a feminine and delicate look to your outfit. Of course, being trendy is also one of the important part of any outfit. Add this round bag in order to make your outfit trendy and chic.

Bonus Tip: Everyone can wear this look depending on their height or weight. If you are not a fan of high-heel mules, you can change it to mule slippers or loafers.

  1. Show some legs

It can be challenging to decide what to wear on a first date in springtime, as the weather is cool in the morning, hot in the day and chilly in the evening time. On the other hand, you want to feel spring meh and sun on your body. So, here is the way. Wear your favourite winter black skirt and add a sweet dusty pink sweater in order to keep yourself warm. As a result, you will get a balanced outfit by showing your legs, your feminine side and by wearing a warm pinky sweater that will keep you warm. Here is the tip, if you wear something short, balance that out with long sleeves and a low heel. This look is an example of that tip. Accessorizing is an important part of every outfit, I would say. It is the best way of showing your femininity and looking classy. Especially, by adding golden accessories you will get an elegant and luxurious look. Wearing slippers can be a good choice if you spend much of the date time outside by walking or doing other activities.

Bonus tip: If you think that your legs are a bit fattish and wearing a mini black skirt can be risky, do not worry. Instead of a mini black skirt you can wear a midi floral skirt that on trend this season. Another choice can be black jeans with some extra girly details, it can be flower patches or golden detalis like in this skirt.

  1. Casual Trendy

Why I named that look “casual trendy”? Let me explain it to you. Pinafore dresses are on trend this season again. Generally, a pinafore dress is one of the wardrobe basics. Because it has such a clean, structured cut that can be best paired with simple pieces. It is a basic and compatible wardrobe piceces suitable for every season. In summer, you can combine it with your favourite T-shirt and white sneakers, in winter you can wear it with sweaters and high-knee boots. So, it is strongly recommended that a classic denim pinafore buy will never go amiss in your wardrobe. To keep it feminine wear high heel sock boots and add some accessories. Wearing turtleneck will keep you warm and give you a balanced outfit that appropriate for springtime. This outfit will make you look comfy and stylish at the same time.

Bonus Tip: Try to avoid looking as a school girl. In order to get a feminine look try to find the best pinafore dress that will define your body shape.

  1. Be Sexy-Feminine

This outfit is one of my favourites. In my opinion, it looks trendy, sexy, confident, stylish and comfy. Look at the colour consistency. Let’s analyze the look from head to toe. The first thing is spring wavy hairstyle that gives the femininity and spring vibe to the outfit. I would say, the hero of the outfit is this gorgeous top which is the best choice for the spring season and besides, it looks sexy because of its deep-v neck. If you want to wear high heels, but you don't know where the date will be, I would suggest thinking twice. You would rather wear low high-heels to be on the safe side. Pairing this sexy and colourful top with a middle washed denim jeans will make the look applicable for any occasion, day or night.

Bonus Tip: Try to avoid much accessories. Just add a simple golden necklace and maybe, a ring if you would like.

  1. Wear Your Confidence

The boilersuits are a trend this season, you can read about 2019 Spring/Summer Trends: 8 Most Popular Ones that You Need Now. If you are a fashion girl and want to follow the trends of the spring/summer season, this outfit idea is best for you. Wear something that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Because when you do that, you will have more confidence. And the more confidence you have, the more you will smile. Therefore, I named this look like a “wear your confidence”. Boilersuits gives you an effortless, powerful style. Pairing them with a turtleneck is the popular way these days. It is perfect for this time of year when the weather can fluctuate from chilly in the morning to muggy mid-afternoon. There is a deal that boilersuits can shade your femininity, therefore wear a pair of spring sandal and show some ankles.

Bonus Tip: You can wear a white sneaker under this look in order to get a casual and trendy look.

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