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5 Skin care tips - FOR ALL SKINS

We live in time, where everyone can find billions of beauty retunes or make-up tutorials on the internet. There is wonderful beauty bloggers and experts who can teach us how to blend eye shadows, chose right shade of foundation, how to apply concealer and find perfect red lipstick tone for your skin!  All seems very sure about what they are talking about and they are not wrong at all! If we follow these steps carefully, we can end up wonderful evening make-up or “non-make-up” make up look. But when the day ends, we go home and wash our gorgeous make-up, all we can see dry or oily skin, pimples, black heads and wrinkles.

Is it really worth to conceal all these problems with more make up? Is there no solid solutions for skin problems? Are we have to live with it, like, forever? No, gurl! Here is the 5 simple skin care routine only for you!

  1. Beauty comes with cleaning!

You may have lot of make-up removing products. Oily, two phase, water based and etc. However, even best of best have harmful chemicals in them. After removing your have make-up, just go to bathroom and wash your face, TWICE! After some washing, there is a chance you may see a panda on the mirror. No panic! It is just your mascara, that your “best” removing product failed to clean.  In addition, clean water has refreshing effect. Especially when you first wash your face with cold and then with hot water – it will show effect in the seconds!

  1. One glass water.

Now, go to kitchen and serve yourself with one, big fresh glass of water. Nope, we not gonna make any beauty recipe with that water nor boil it. Just take a big gulp and another one! Finish the glass. Repeat it 3 or 4 times per day. The secret is, most of time pure water is what our skin need. Best moisturizing should come from inside. You should first hydrating yourself! Drinking more water (attention: water, not substitutes) will help to clean your skin, moisturizing and keep it firm. In addition, it will improve your health condition; you will feel more energetic and fresh. And when you are healthy and happy, you are beautiful as well.

Some people demand that they cannot drink plain water. You can add one slice of lime or lemon juice for making water fresher! After few days, you will used to it.

  1. An apple a day…

When you are already in kitchen, why not open that fridge and treat yourself with an apple, or glass of milk, or celery… Basically, anything HEALTHY? Well, we all try to eat healthy sometimes, but it should be not only because we really want to fit in those pair of jeans, but our skin as well! Healthy snacks, foods and even drinks help to boost our skin and make it more firm. Even you can chose what to eat, according to your skin type.  Like, eating nuts, spinach, fish and eggs will improve your oily skin. And peppers, tomatoes and potatoes are great for dry skin! Eat healthy all you can. Being healthy is the best kind of beauty!

  1. Moisturizing is everywhere!

We all heard about how important moisturizing is.  But do we moisturize our skin RIGHT? As we mentioned above, even best of the best skin care products have chemicals in them. Why but that chemicals on our beloved face, when we can moisturize it with simple products? Here is the few tips:

  • Use cucumbers. You can slice or peel them. But some of them on your forehead, cheeks, chin and eyes. Eat rest of them. Healthy in both ways!

  • Yogurt, milk, and heavy cream… any diary you have! Just put it on your face and wash after 10-15 minutes. You will have more moisturized skin in minutes.

  • Any face mask with simple products. You can find them anywhere. There are billions of them! Just ask good old google and use one recipe with products you already have.

Simplify is the key, my friend. And when you keep it  simple, there is less chance for allergy or irritation. It is perfect for people who has sensitive skin.

  1. Sleeping Beauty not a fairy tale.

When we were kid, we loved listen fairy tales. Personally, my favorite was Sleeping Beauty. How can someone sleep all day and still be pretty? Is it because of fairy tale? Well, not exactly. Sleeping, more like regular sleeping might improve your skin condition. Most of time, we walk under sun or on crazy wind and it damages our skin immediately. As we need good rest after long day, our skin needs rest too! When we sleep our skin cells renew themselves and prepare to next long day. The key is not to sleep too much. Because no one wants puffy eyes. And after long, nice night sleep fresh up yourself with morning shower or simple wash your face with cold water – both will do.

All of them are very simple, daily skin care tips that anyone can follow. Because most time simplify enough to make great things. Our skin not only for beauty, it protects us from bacteria, harmful sun lights and other things. In additions, we should protect our skin as well. Keep your face clean, eat healthy, drink water, exercise and do natural facial masks – you will feel the difference! Beauty comes with all shapes and shades, but being healthy and having healthy skin is the best way to be BEAUTIFUL.

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