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8 Cool Work Outfits to wear this Fall

Sadly, summer and the most important, summer holiday is over. It is time to back to work or school or university. I know it is difficult to get out of the pool, change your colorful swimsuits into work outfits. But if you think about it in other way, you don’t have to worry about sweating through your clothes anymore, right? Because it is fall, the best transitional season from the hot weather to the cool weather which enables you to wear your favourite jackets, blazers and trousers. Yet getting dressed for the office during transitional season can be challenging. To make the getting back to work more joyful and fun, we decided to choose the coolest outfit ideas appropriate every kind of working environment in order to help you out of this process. Now, while you are enjoying the pool, the weather, keep reading this post and take a list of items you need to buy. Doing shopping will make you feel better and ready for the new season. Which is why we rounded up a whole batch of easy work outfits that’ll keep you feeling fresh every day this fall. Read on to see our list of 8 cool work outfits that anyone can put together in minutes. Then, keep scrolling…

  1. Checked blazer

There is no way you can go wrong with a staple checked blazer and jeans combination. After being trend of the last year, checked blazers now turned to be a basic piece of our closet. Therefore, it is better to add one into your wardrobe. Every working woman should have a check blazer. You can wear it over your white t-shirt to make it look work appropriate. Or you can combine it with black turtleneck if you feel cold. Overall, you can combine your checked blazer in different ways.

  1. Wool Skirt

A wool skirt with a white shirt will look so chic and stylish. If you feel it is cold, you can wear a cozy sweater over your shirt. The trick is here is the following colour consistency. Choose a grey or neutral coloured wool skirt in order to be able to pair it with different coloured sweaters. You can also combine a wool skirt with a turtleneck. It will look chic, cozy and put together.

  1. Black Skinny Jeans

If you are not allowed to wear blue jeans to work, don’t be sad, black skinny jeans are here for you. They are work-appropriate and look very similar to black trousers. You can’t go wrong with classic black skinnies. There are tons of ways to style them for work. One of the ways is to wear all black. If you are a big fan of black, you may like this idea. Wear your black skinny jeans with a black shirt or a black turtleneck if it is cold for you. Add wardrobe staple-black ankle boots under the outfit. Or simply, you can just combine it with your sweater. Here you are!

  1. Shirt Dress

Wearing a white basic shirt with skirt is one of the staple outfit ideas that is appropriate for every type of working environment. But you can replace two pieces with one like a shirt dress. One-piece clothes are life-saving as anyone who works in an office knows that figuring out a different outfit for every day of the week is quite the challenge. Therefore, having one-piece cloth in your wardrobe can save you time in the morning. Pair the shirt dress with ankle or over the knee boots and a jacket over to make yourself warm.

  1. Floral Blouse

Feeling summer vibes in fall and in an office environment would be nice, right? Then, wear a floral blouse to work. Pair your floral shirt with a black trousers or skirt in order to make it more work appropriate and look strict. If you wish, you can also pair it with coloured trousers. In this case try to match the colours of your shirt with the trousers. If you don’t bother yourself with colour palette consistency, then white or cream jeans or white trousers would be time-saving option. White jeans are staple piece of every summer wardrobe. So, you can wear them in fall also by pairing the right piece like floral blouses.

  1. Pleated Skirt

You can’t go wrong with a long-pleated skirt and a blazer combination. Who say that you can only wear black simple mini skirt to work? There are other options as well like a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are always welcome at the office. Make working outfit fun and playful with a pleated skirt. Pair your pleated skirt with white t-shirt or button-down shirt to make easy, quick and at the same time effortless chic outfit. Add a blazer over it in order to make it more office-oriented look.

  1. Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are the joyful option to black classic trousers. If you are not a big fan of wearing black trousers, if you think it looks boring, then, here you go, plaid pants are waiting for you to wear. They look great with platform boots. You can also pair them with loafers to look serious. Wear a plaid pants with white shirt and pair it with black loafers. In this way to will make sure that plaid pants are the main element of the outfit as the others looks staple and simply. You can also combine them with a sweater if the weather is getting cooler.

  1. Jumpsuit

Autumn is that tricky, transitional time of year. Chilly mornings that give way to unexpectedly mild afternoons are cause for a headache when getting dressed for work. Here jumpsuits come to help. They were certainly made for transitional weather. They look more serious than a dress. A button-down one enables you to have an effortless outfit and it is so versatile that you will want to wear it at least once a week. Dress it up with high-heels or loafers.

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