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Are boys afraid of love

Love is most beautiful thing in the world and everyone want to feel it. There is no discrimination, boundaries and bans in love. Love is blind to colors, believes, nations, gender and other differences. But when it comes about not feeling, but live it, love has different meaning for both men and women. As we see in the media, books and movies, women tend to be more romantic and demand that romanticism from men. And men portrayed as a blunt creatures who doesn’t want to have anything about love. Almost, like they are afraid of love…

Now, just between us, girls: are boys afraid of love? The answer is, probably “No”. In the history of humanity, we have seen thousands of poets, authors, artists and “Romeos”, who wrote wonderful poems and novels about love, painted their love on canvas, sang songs, fought for their beloved ladies! Then what`s wrong with 21st century men who afraid to love or even saying simply “I love you?

There is few opinions about are boys afraid of love?

First. Maybe, just maybe boys aren’t afraid of live, but afraid of simple “no”? Most wonderful thing that 21st century gave us, it is not iPhones, nor launching another space ship – it is how we accepted our feelings. People now start to express their feelings more openly and give feedback about others feelings. Moreover, we embrace what we feel. Therefore, when boy says “I Love You”, it is probably his honest feelings and any negative answer will hurt him as well. In society we accept from boys to first express their feelings and confess love to start a relationship. It is great pressure on men shoulders and most of them simple shrugs this off. And we see it as boys afraid of love.

Another reason might be that we have too many choices. Human nature is so much greedy. We cannot get enough of money, food, fame, compliments and even love. Why, declare your love and attach someone for rest of your life, when there is so many other “potentials” out there – simple boys logic. Social network give as access more people, more opportunity find “The one”. But also made us insecure about our feelings. Especially boys always in search of “The one”, which will blow their mind in the first sight, or first “like”. There is thousand and thousand young, beautiful girls on Instagram, Facebook,  Tinder and etc. What will boys do if their long waited love of their love is not you, but another insta model? Truth is, love is not about “first sight”, it is not a short run, bur more like marathon. You don’t “find” true love, you make it with respect, passion, acceptance and commitment. You cannot get these from “like” or “stories”. Well, someone need to tell that not only boys, but to all social media addicts.

In early stages of relationship, everything seems lovely and cute! Talking about future kids, gave them names, picturing their cute clothes, diapers, kindergarten expenses,  student loans, marriage… What can we say, love is really expensive, well, more like “serious relationship” is very expensive. Although, today men and women equal every except of life, society still thinks men as main financial support of a family. It is great responsibility, especially in these economic conditions. Most of men simple afraid of not love, but expenses of marriage, having kid and other things. What can we say, most of them afraid of not love, but responsibility itself.

Emotional disability. Every girl has a story like this: he was very thoughtful, respected me, worried when I’m in trouble, helped me a lot – but never show any affection or sign of love. Admit it, you have this story too. He can be your on-off long-term boyfriend, husband, friend and even your father! We all have seen emotionally disabled men in our life and we didn’t know what to do. Is he love you? Or just being thoughtful? Some families or cultures raise men in ideology that show emotions is for “weak”, nor for real men. And eventually they forget how to express their feeling. They heart might stop when they see you, but he will stud there like a Michelangelo’s sculpture – no emotions. So, girl, get a hammer and break that hard rock shelf he has. And by hammer, I mean love and affection. Because it is only way to teach emotionally disabled man how to show their emotions and feelings.

Friend zone illusion. Tend to complain about how girls put them in the friend zone. But most of time it is not accurate. Girls just wait for one little step, and when time passes, they simple assume that boy is not interested and tries to stays as a friend. And then boys starts to believe that he is friend zoned. Here is some tip: You are not! Even most open-minded girl might be conservative when it comes to love and express feelings. She just might wait for you to approach to her!

Well, in the end love is tricky for both men and women. We all afraid of feelings, showing them and be rejected. And if boys really afraid of live, maybe, we should take initiative and make them believe in love again! Because, love is not the war and there is no winner or loser… no, there is just one loser, which who let go love of their life for fear of being rejected. Embrace love, it is most wonderful thing in the world and we do not get too many chances to feel it. Especially, in this century. And just feeling not enough, confess your love is most “expensive” gift that you can give someone – maybe, you cannot buy it with money, but it takes great emotional strength to do it.

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