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Five simple everyday fitness routines at home

Everyone can be agree that fitness is not only training for gym addicts, but also a healthy life style for anyone.  That why nowadays everyone seems too obsessed with fitness. However, not all of us has time to hit a gym daily and spend our on exercise tools. We have tight work schedule, had to do home chores and take care of our family members and children.  So, that’s mean we have to give up on being healthy and fit, or just need to find another way of stay in shape and rocking it?

With everyday simple fitness routines at home, we can be fit and healthy as any gym addict. Of course, first we need some motivation to start our long, bur very awarded fitness journey. If you feeling like, you need bust of motivation before start our journey, gurl, we got your back! Check out our previous article in our blog on motivation of fitness  here .


If you had that motivation that you needed for a long time, now we can get on the business and strike that health life style. Get your yoga pants on!


1.       Wake up early.

Okay, at first, you can though, how waking up early has any relationship with fitness? Well, it is not all about fitness, but more like routines. Therefore, for starting any routine, you first should have time. Just one hour before work or university enough to warm up, check out that “everyday fitness” bar. Right now, get your phone, open “alarm” and set it one hour before your usual time. Now you can not complain that you can not find time to fitness. Well, you have got whole an hour now! Also waking up early good for your professional life too. There will be huge difference between your old “I just woke up” look and behavior, and your new “I did extra 5 push-ups at 6 AM” look, believe me.


2.   Get your work out stuff close

For daily fitness we will need some equipment. Like weight dumbbells, jumping robe, yoga mat, push-up stands and etc. You can get those thing in good quality and wonderful deals on aliexpress.com. But if you snew at fitness and do not want to spend too much money yet, you can use your everyday items too! Like, grab a soda bottle and fill it with rice, or other sandy material – you have got very nice, homemade dumbbells. And if you need jumping robe, jut grab old and long belt of you and start jumping! After five or six fitness session, you will want to have those wanderful real equipments anyway.


3.   Start with small goals.

When feel accomplishment, we became addicted to it. Start with small goals and complete them in minutes! Like, say, I will do seven push-ups in a minute and whoola, you did it! Now you feel more motivated and fulfilled. So every night set goals for next day. Do it on your journal, to do list, or your mobile phone! And you can do it with your home tech assistant too! The key is that you should increase number of workout moves and how many times you have to repeat them. If 20 times crunch in a row more for you, then you can split it in two and finish it separately. You can even give yourself small treats end of every move row. Of course, it should be healthy treats like fruits bar, protein bar, or one handful nuts and dried berries mix. Now, who said that fitness can not be a fun?

4.       Good ambiance can make miracles!


If you happy, then clap your hands! And do 15 push-ups, and do 12 crunch, and 15 pushups, and 30 squat…

Okay, we have to admit, workout is not playful thing for most of us and some of us can see workout as a burden too! But with good ambience, we can change our view to fitness! Put on your favorite music, volume up and enjoy! You can use power of incense sticks. Burn out your favorite scent of incense stick and relax. And for more relaxation, you should choose your food wisely too. Stay away from oily, spicy and acidic foods. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Oh yes, do not forget to open windows too! Even in winter, there is nothing better than good, fresh and preferable cold morning breeze to make us feel good, fresh and full of energy! No, no, no! Do not think about to run your warm bed and crawl under blanket! After two to three weeks, you will get used to it and in your brain relaxation will be equal to fitness forever!


5.   Two always better than one!


Humans are social creatures. We do enjoy do thing together. No matter with our friend, family member, or even a stranger whom we share same passion. Why not? İn order to make your daily fitness more fun and serious, get yourself a fitness body. Together you guys can encourage each other, give some tips and more likely, have fun! Of course, if you guys are not living in the same house, it would be little bit difficult to make it daily routine. But you can choose one day of a week to exercise together and in other days of week workout separately. İn that way, you can even measure how you improved through a week. İf you new at fitness, you can pick more experienced fitness body too. That way, you will have personal trainer and + fitness friend in the same time!



And it is end of the article. Now, do not let it be another helpful tips that you will not follow anyway. Set your alarm, call your bady, find your old yoga mat and get started!




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