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Healthy lifestyle. Useful tips

                                     Healthy lifestyle. Useful tips

A healthy lifestyle helps us fulfill our goals and objectives, successfully implement our plans, cope with difficulties, and, if necessary, with enormous overloads. Good health, supported and strengthened by the person himself, will allow him to live a long and joyful life. In this article you will learn how to properly treat your body and keep it in good shape. These tips to a certain extent will suit every conscious person who has decided to take the path of recovery and bring his life in order. If you have useful experience in this area, feel free to share your tips in the comments, take part in the discussion.

Картинки по запросу healthy lifestyle

Health is the invaluable wealth of each person individually, and of society as a whole. When meeting and parting with people close to us, we always wish them good health, because this is the main condition for a full and happy life. In the world, many people suffer from “URTI” and the seasonal virus every year. The reason for this is that most of the population has weak immunity. For the immune system to work like a clock, it must be maintained on a daily basis, and not only during flu epidemics! How to charge your immunity? The answer is simple - to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Human immunity is the ability of his body to defend itself against various “enemies”, i.e. alien genetic information. On the one hand, the immune system protects the body, and on the other - its condition depends on the overall health of the person. If an individual is active, strong, mobile, and cheerful, then his immunity will be in order, and if weak and passive, then the immune system will be correspondingly.

Картинки по запросу immune system diagram

The immune system protects us from the influence of external negative factors, it is a kind of line of defense against the negative effects of bacteria, fungi, viruses and the like. Without a healthy and effective immune system, the body becomes weak and suffers much more from various infections.

In addition to proper nutrition, we will give ten more excellent ways to charge your immunity and live healthy!

1.Do exercises. As you know, sport makes the whole body work, and therefore sport is necessary for healthy. Nowadays, people move less during work, and the human body does not receive a load, as a result of which it is covered with fat.

Homan quickly gets tired. After that, any person becomes more and more chippy. However, this is not all the troubles, because various diseases can also develop in the body. That is why, everyone who tries to keep in good physical shape and becomes more resilient.

Картинки по запросу Homan quickly gets tired when doing exercises wrong

However, doing a lot of exercise is also impossible. It is important to avoid overloading, especially if the person is often in competition. If you exercise incorrectly, sport will only be harmful.

It is because of this that sport must be perceived as a good game. Sport should bring you only pleasure, and does not become a silly fiction for the sake of a "good" result.

That's when the sport will be a real benefit!

2. More vitamins. 

Each of us needs vitamin D, which is found in salmon, eggs and milk. Studies have shown that many people do not get enough vitamin C, - said Elizabeth Politi, director of nutrition at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C. “The fact that vitamin C prevents colds is a myth,” she says. “But getting the right amount of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables energizes the immune system.”

Картинки по запросу vitamin d

Zinc also has an important antiviral and antitoxic effect to strengthen the immune system. You can get it from seafood, from unrefined grain and brewer's yeast. In addition, drink tomato juice - it contains a large amount of vitamin A.

3. Harden yourself! Hardening of the body can be your helper in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is best to start with him from childhood. The easiest way to hardening - air baths. This method has great importance in the process of strengthening the nervous system, positively affecting the heart and blood vessels, normalizing blood pressure and metabolism. First of all, it is recommended to rub the body with a dry towel for several days, and later move on to a wet rubdown. You need to begin to wipe yourself with warm water (35-36 C), gradually moving to cool water, and then to douche. In summer, water treatments are best taken outdoors after charging.

Картинки по запросу air baths

4. Use protein. Protein immunity factors - antibodies (immunoglobulins) are built from protein. If you eat little meat, fish, eggs, dairy dishes, nuts, they simply can not be formed.

5. Drink tea. Only 5 cups of hot tea per day greatly strengthen your body. From ordinary black tea, L-theanine is released, which is broken down by the liver to ethylamine - a substance that increases the activity of blood cells responsible for the body's immunity. It should be noted that all this applies only to high-quality teas.

Картинки по запросу drink tea 

6. Have fun! According to studies, people who have a positive emotional style are happy, cool and enthusiastic, and less likely to have colds. Fun and healthy living are inseparable.

7. Practice Meditation. Santa Monica, a yoga therapist, believes in his meditation to improve his physical and emotional health. “Meditation classes help calm my nervous system and allow the immune system to function with less interference,” she says. “A calm mind is a calm body.” “The greatest change is peace of mind and a sense of relief,” says Santa. “I was very often sick when I was young. My dream has become better, and it has become easier for me to cope with constant stress. ”

Картинки по запросу meditation

8. Don't be nervous! Prolonged stress inflicts a powerful blow to the immune system. Increasing the level of negative hormones, it suppresses the release of hormones that help maintain health.

9. Get away from depression. Apathy and indifference are one of the main enemies of strong immunity. American scientists have found that women suffering from depression come changes in the immune system, and they are more susceptible to viral diseases than those who enjoy life.

10. Minimum alcohol. 

Картинки по запросу alcohol

According to numerous studies, alcohol suspends the work of white blood cells, which determine and destroy infectious cells and the viruses themselves. Remember that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible.

Want to be healthy - lead a healthy lifestyle. Your new motto: no lying on the couch, more exercise and fresh air!

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