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How to get a French Girl Style-7 Staple Pieces of French Girl Wardrobe

How to get a French Girl Style: 7 Staple Pieces of French Girl Wardrobe

The French Girl Style is one of the repeatedly discussed types of styles in the fashion world. Simple wardrobe basics and mussed-up hair are at the center of that Parisian effortless look. On top of that,  one of the key rules of French Girl Style is to stick to classic colours like navy or ones that can be found in nature, such as terra-cotta and beige. Too bright colours are a no-no. The main message of French Girl Style is to keep it simple. Its concept is incredibly appealing to women around the world.

Why this kind of style is so popular and almost the majority of women want to get a French Girl Style? The answer to this question is that Fashion starts in France. For decades the words of France and Fashion have been a synonym to each other. Many of the basic wardrobe classics we take for granted were first popularized in France. The French girls took the staple wardrobe pieces and applied it into their styles. Therefore, French Girl Style is timeless and chic in every time of year or a period. The French Girl Style is popular because of its effortless elegant look. It looks stylish and chic without looking like you tried too hard or spent hours in front of the mirror. The French girls value comfort without sacrificing style. If wearing jeans with sneakers is comfortable look for you, for The French girls, comfort is wearing loafers or ballet flats with the straight leg, high-waisted jeans. The typical for French Girl Style is that they wear basic wardrobe staples with a statement piece. It can be a leather bag from a very famous brand, or it can be the shoes from a local French designer.

How to get a French Girl Style? In this post, we will answer this question by showing 7 Staple Pieces of French Girl Wardrobe and by explaining the rules of this fascinating style. The first step is building a closet of reliable staples to create a solid basis for each outfit. Don’t follow trends unless you really believe they will last longer. Trends come and go, but the basics always remain stable. Therefore, don’t be afraid of investing in money in qualified wardrobe staples which you will wear forever. Spend your money in timeless pieces and start with these 7 Staple Pieces of French Girl Wardrobe that we will talk about. Considering that tip, try to prefer natural and qualified fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, silk. Remember that you will wear these pieces almost every day. Therefore, quality is important that they could last longer.

Taking into account all these tips, let’s move into the main pieces which capture the French Girls Wardrobe. Here we will list 7 most wearable pieces of every French Girl outfit. Keep reading and make your list of missing pieces in your wardrobe in order to complete your closet to adapt into French Girl Style.

  1. Beige Trench Coat

A Beige Trench Coat is a perfect wardrobe piece for unpredictable weather of spring season. It is a statement piece of French Girl Style. If you want to wear skinny jeans with a white tee and a ballet flat, by adding a beige trench coat you would spice up your outfit and get a chic and elegant look for the spring season. As it was mentioned above, invest in a qualified trench coat. It is a timeless wardrobe basic and I ensure you that you will wear it a lot. It will be an indispensable piece in your closet.

  1. Blazer

Blazer is a must of every closet, not only French Girl wardrobe. It changes the concept of every kind of outfit. You cannot imagine a French Girl without a plaid or a black blazer during autumn or spring season. It is an essential part of French Girl wardrobe. Therefore, it will be a clever idea to get a perfect blazer for your body type, it doesn’t matter if it is fitted or oversized. The plaid blazer is one of the popular blazer types of recent years. If you say that you prefer a basic black blazer that goes with your every outfit for any occasion, that is okay too.

  1. Ballet Flats

Comfort shoes are not a sneaker for the French Girls. They are looking for a comfortable, practical, and in the meanwhile chic flat shoes that add a pop to the overall look. Therefore, ballet flats are the most worn piece of shoes of the French girls’ wardrobe. It goes perfectly with black or blue jeans, or leggings and skirts. As comfort is more important, it requires to consider quality. Quality has a value and a price. So, don’t be afraid of spending money on a qualified ballets.

  1. Ankle Boots

Another wardrobe staple of French Girl Style is ankle boots. I am a big fan of ankle boots. To me, it is one of the best pieces of any wardrobe that gives a chance to transform an outfit into a confident, chic and very stylish look. By adding a brown boot under your white tee and blue jeans will create an amazing combination. Every woman should have a basic black ankle boot in their closet. If you are not into a black, go for a neutral hue such as brown, or white.

  1. High-Waisted Jeans

It is hard to imagine French Girl wardrobe without a pair of high-waisted, slightly cropped, straight-leg or kick-flare jeans. These types of jeans are the anchor to every French woman's look. If you have a high-waisted straight-leg jean in your closet, then you are one step ahead to the French Girl Style. If you don’t, get a perfectly suited one for you without losing time. Levi’s 501 straight-leg jeans are the favourite of French girls. You can find a lot of qualified dupes to Levis one.

  1. White Button-Down Shirt

The next timeless staple of every wardrobe is a simple white button-down shirt. It can be paired with everything from jeans to black pants to denim skirts in every season. Invest in a good quality cotton or silk shirt that fits you well.

  1. Striped Sweater or Tee

Wearing stripes with a red neckerchief is the most known styling way of French girls. When we talk about French Girl style, striped sweaters or tees come to our mind the first. Did you know that the style actually came from the shirts the sailors of Bretagne used to wear in the north-west of France? Therefore, a striped shirt is the favourite of French girls. So, if you want to get a French Girl Style, start from a striped sweater or a tee. Pair it with the high-waisted blue jeans, wear under a ballet flat and add over a beige trench coat, you are done! Your first French Style look is ready!

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