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  How to get the perfect tan

How to get the perfect tan

Every woman wants to have a beautiful tan. Finally, summer came, and we had the opportunity to tan without the help of tanning beds. Is it possible to imagine a summer without a tan? Of course not. But to get a beautiful, bronze skin tone and at the same time not harm your body, you must use sunscreen.

Aristocratic pallor is a tribute to the fashion of the Middle Ages, nowadays, tanned skin speaks about the health of the wearer, giving the body a beautiful, sporty and toned look.

How do you fill your suitcase, going on vacation? Most likely, evening dresses, shorts, pareos, and one tube of means to protect against harmful UV rays. Equipped with such a simple set, do not even hope to bring a perfect tan from the south. If you want to become the owner of luxurious chocolate-colored skin, you will have to expand the arsenal of drugs significantly, go to a cosmetologist in advance and take care not to turn white as long as possible.

Perhaps there are no people on earth who are not pleased with the sun. And it is not surprising. Indeed, under the influence of its rays, the body produces endorphins. They are also called hormones of happiness. Thanks to the sun, we get vitamin - it is essential for women. This element contributes to the absorption of calcium. It turns out that sunlight is useful. But only if we are talking about reasonable doses. An insatiable passion for tanning is hazardous. First, ultraviolet light can cause cancer.

Secondly, lovers of staying on the beach for hours are aging faster than their white-skinned peers. Indeed, under the influence of UV rays, collagen fibers are destroyed, which are responsible for skin elasticity. In the normal state, they look like spirals, and after a sun “strike,” they begin to look like springs in an old sofa. As a result, the shape of the face loses its form: sags and is covers with a network of wrinkles.

Before going to the beach, do not use toilet water, deodorants, and perfumes, as the perfume and the chemicals contained in them cause unpleasant skin pigmentation, which is challenging to get rid of. This so-called “perfume effect” can spoil your mood for a long time, for about three to four weeks.

Spray or cream

Choosing a protective cream (https://withladies.com/6-best-sunscreens-for-your-face-to-use-this-summer) , do not forget that not only the SPF factor is essential, but also the form in which the drug is produced. For a preliminary use (it needs to be done in about twenty minutes before going out in the sun), any remedy will work — cream, oil, and spray. After all, in a hotel room, you can gently cover your body with a uniform layer, which means that it will work the same in every part of your body. On the beach, such tricks will not work. So that the skin does not have white handprints and light areas, in those places where you could not smear the protective agent, use sprays: they are more comfortable and more convenient to apply in extreme conditions.

Lie down or walk?

How do you usually tan? Most likely, you lay out a towel on a sun lounger or sand, lie down on your back and spend in that position for at least half an hour, substituting your nose for the sun. Then you turn over on your stomach and languish your ass upwards for another thirty minutes. After swimming, everything is repeated. While doing so, it seems to you that your body gets the perfect tan. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. No matter how much you spin - somewhere you will be darker, but somewhere lighter. To become evenly chocolate around the perimeter, you should not lie - on the contrary; you need to move more: play volleyball, run or walk.

What to eat?

Fresh air excites the wolfish appetite, and the buffets, which are full of all kinds of delicacies attracting you. If you do not want to go home with a puffy, the next time you feel a fit of hunger, do not grab a tasty loaf or cake but choose something with fewer calories, but with more contribution to tanning.

Carrots, apricots, peach, cantaloupe, mango, watermelon, pumpkin, and spinach will help to achieve a uniform color. Beta-carotene contained in them (  https://www.eatthis.com/foods-that-make-you-tan/ ) , will give the skin an orange tint and strengthen the blood vessels. Tomatoes due to lycopene accelerate the production of melanin, and hence the process of transformation into chocolate. Seafood, fish and vegetable oil are rich in antioxidants - the central defenders of the skin, protecting it from photo-aging.

Sunbathe at the right time

Staying under direct sunlight is the shortest way to a burn. The most useful and safe sun is in the morning - from 8 to 11 and after lunch - after 16 hours.

On the beach, drink more fluids, and then apply the cream to the skin.

The sun dries the skin. Moisturize it can be both outside and inside. Therefore, on vacation at hand should always be a bottle of water and effective moisturizers with the prefixes "super" or "ultra." They need to be applied to the body at least two times a day - in the morning and the evening, and on the hands - up to 4-5 times a day.

Take care of your tan

After returning from the resort, do not rush to use bleaching agents, scrubs, and hard washcloths. Read the labels carefully - many creams and masks have a whitening effect. And the enemy of tanning is not only cosmetics from the tube - homemade masks of oatmeal, strawberries, and cucumbers will also erase the bronze from the skin.

You can get a smooth and durable tan everywhere, on the sea, river, lake, in the country, on the lawn, and even on the balcony, if you follow these simple rules, stock up with a set of cosmetics for the skin, know its features and reactions to the sun's rays. These measures will help you avoid discomfort and maintain an excellent mood throughout your stay.

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