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How zodiac signs act at work place

How zodiac signs act at work place

If we ask personally, everybody would say, that they do not believe in zodiac sings.  However, everyone wants to know about their zodiac sign. Call it just regular human curiosity or power of accuracy of zodiac sign, we still want to know about our zodiac signs.

So, for non-believer, but curios ones, here is the How zodiac signs act at work place:


If you want to describe Aries at work place with just one word, the word that you looking for is “Boss” Aries does not like to explain what they did and why they did. They might not be boss, but they will definitely act like a boss. Probable, their boss would rather take order from them, then giving order to them. Because in otherwise, they can get some ‘horns’.


Those big, powerful and kindhearted guys. If you know someone at your workplace that has been there for a long time, has no interest for what they doing but can not leave the job because of loyalty, probably, they are Taurus. Those people lose their interest to any job so easily. Almost at same week that they entered the job. But they will keep going to work for loyalty reasons.  But be aware, they can work at the same boring job for straight 20 years and one day just back their backpack, sold minivan and buy motorbike and got on the roads. Without one ‘goodbye’!


If you like serious, yet funky coworkers, then we can introduce you perfect coworker -  Gemini! The only problem is, that they can not be serious and yet funky at the same time, or even same day! That easily bored people can act differently in any day. One day they are working bee and another day, they are lazy as slot! One good thing is, they can be motivated through words and actions.


Do you remember that cute, shy old lady at your previous workplace? Or that kind postman that you never get to learn name? They are probably, Cancer as well.  They can work at the same place for decades and still love their job. Can you believe it! Please, once a time stop by and thank for their effort! Because probably, they are most underappreciated person at their work.


They are not satisfiated with being king of animals, they want to be king or queen of their work place too! Leo always have that royalty blood in their vessels, so it is easy for them shine in work place too. They can be most gorgeous chef, or confident HR, and maybe CEO! Wherever they are, they always shine and of course, roar.


Librarian, accounter, secratery and other quite, withouth glory, but very important jobs are for Virgos. They are just logical creatures and want to be useful. You can take your promotions, raised paychecks and tap on the shoulder from your boss, but they will be main part of the job for ever and forever. Without them, any company will collapse in weeks ot maybe in days.


They are glue of every work place! İs there miscomunication between departments? Libras on their way! İs there any conflicts among a group? They are already on it! They are just like big, specious pot! They can take everyones ideas and  make it big, tasty and delicous soup! We mean, they are good comunicaters. Wise employer would use their that ability. Otherwise, they will just end up being wokr place gossip starters – and every work place need those too!


İf there is money, then you can see a Scorpion around it. Scropions love money and what brings money. Little bit glory will do too! They are not good with long term, slow impoved or rutin jobs, but they will make wonders at growing and well payed jobs. They will climb until the end and hop on the another tree!


We can not be sure, who has that courage to told Sagittarious what to do and how to do, but if someone has, they will get an arrow between their brows, for sure! No matter what they do, just leave them alone and wait for them making wonders. And they surely do! They are mos indepented worker in their work place. İt being sagittarious could be be a job, then it would be freelancer too!


We all had that one, old-fashioned, little bit grumpy and very responsible middle-aged boss. And that boss probably was Capricorn. Capricorns have great sense of responsibility and do their job in mos efficient way! They do not work, they are just living and their jobs part of their living as well! İt does not means they are workaholic, they just responsible, mature person – thats it!


If we talk about Aquarius, we definitely should state that how free-spirited this zodiac sign is. In real life, being free-spirited is a good thing and might have many cons. But in a work place, being free-spirited means you are a mess. One day they are a role model, an employs of the month and following day they came work 3 hours late, in their shaggy jeans and with massive hangover. What can we say, they are dream and worst nightmare of any employer.


Oh, those cute happy little things. Pisces are sun shines of any work place. They can be head of department or an office boy  - in any case, they will work hard, smile a lot and give a big hug to anybody! they will listen, adapt and try hard to do everything right. They are perfect for small, family businesses.  Especially cute, road side family restaurants.

We looked for all zodiac signs and how would they act in their work place, but it is all is our imagination. İn most cases, there is lot more than that. But if you find some one you knew exactly acting like described in this list, what can we say, maybe it is time to believe in zodiac signs, huh?

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