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Make fire recommendations to return the love to the relationships

The extinction of romantic is one of the most frequent problems of couples that have long been together. Partners become close to each other, but gradually friendships crowd out love.

Why does it happen? Over time, the veil of first love falls from the eyes. We discover that a loved one is a real person, not a romantic character. He has advantages and disadvantages, his needs and interests.

How to understand that passion in a relationship has died away?

There are several ways to do this. A strong female intuition will tell you that the relationship has cooled in the following ways:

1. A man no longer looks at you with enthusiastic eyes. He does not bring flowers, not joking.

2. The family moved to the background for him. He is increasingly delayed at work, and on return, he immediately goes to bed.

Reasons why passion disappeared

It is necessary to realize that love does not just disappear. There are reasons for this. Let's look at the most likely ones.

1. You have a lack of emotional intimacy.

After all, people are connected not only with sex. There is something more, especially between a husband and wife.

You do not have enough emotions, liveliness. And after all, it is with rich, joint experiences that real passion begins.

2. There are unresolved problems between you

Fears and experiences should be discussed in marriage. Discuss with your husband your features, without hesitation. Tell how you see your present and future, know how to listen to his position. Otherwise, how to keep the passion in marriage?

3. A man has too much to do

The modern world also "presses" on men. They bear a huge mass of responsibility, care, and problems. The man is told how strong he should be, that no slack can be given. Naturally, all this affects his emotional state, and then on the relationship. Passion fades into the background because first, you need to fulfill all the responsibilities.

And now it's time to figure out what to do? How to get closer again? How to start feeling each other, like on first dates? How to renew the passion with her husband? What to change in yourself so that everything becomes okay again? We have prepared answers to these questions.

Do you remember how you admired your beloved at the dawn of your relationship? Do the same now - praise your husband and recognize his achievements. Men need it.

But the way you praise your man must be proper. For this, it is useful to follow a few rules:

•    Be sure to thank for the help in household chores, even if it seems to you that this is a common thing or its direct responsibility.

•    Praise for positive behavioral changes. Was he scattering stuff around the house, and then the first time neatly removed in the closet? Be sure to mark this with sincere praise.

•     Give praise sincerely, do not flatter. 

There is more way to change the situation. 

Spend time together 

•    Sign up for a couple- dance classes. Play tennis, volleyball or ping pong together.

•    Do you like intellectual pastime? Call your friends on home games: Scrabble or Monopoly. Find a play everybody like and plays with pleasure!

•    Go to study together. Culinary master class, school of public speaking, calligraphy courses - all options are good.

Start going on dates.

Remember the candy-flower period that you had in a couple when you were starting to build your relationship. You tried to spend as much time as possible with your partner, preening before every date. Consider resuming the long-forgotten habit of walking together, hugging in cinemas, and taking each other's hand during a walk.

Change the setting.

 Life kills any romantics - couples of any age know about it. But sometimes it is useless to try to temper one's irritation at each other in a familiar environment, so psychologists recommend changing it drastically. Try to rent a room for two at the hotel, having a romantic weekend. Believe us, and it's not necessary to wait for holidays once a year to get an emotional release.

Abandon the role of the typical wife. 

Your homemade images surely managed to bother you too terribly, so it's time to eliminate them. Start picking a wardrobe that your husband won't associate with the word "housewife." Surprise him not only with clothes on the occasion of holidays but also with home sets that will please a man with a sexy look. After all, in pajamas you can be attractive, the main thing is to be able to wear it.

Make stupid things 

In one study observed how two strangers behave during the first meeting, it turned out that non-verbal signals predict an overall assessment of unity and interrelation in a pair. Therefore, it is better not to go to a cinema or a restaurant, but dance or canoe.

Create a common history

Intimacy is a pleasant and safe feeling. It occurs when you know that a person truly understands and appreciates you. A mutual sense of trust allows partners to be more open with each other. Under these conditions, love flourishes at unexpected moments.

Stop focusing on the flaws.

In the first years of the relationship, we see everything in pink. Over time, the paint, and we suddenly start to change our opinion about the habits and hobbies of a loved one. You recently watched football together, and now, when you started living together, all these battles on the field annoy you. 

He is not going to change. You have changed, you have other concerns: cleaning, washing, taking care of children. Tell him that walking with a child is more important than a friendly match. Or turn off the bitch and sit down, watch the game with him. Like good old times

Speak good about him

You began to notice that he gives you less attention. You offended and complained to her friends. They understood, appreciated, and happily supported the story of how bad he is. And now at every opportunity, remind you of it. And now you begin to believe in what you once said in your hearts.

Whatever happens between you, do not wash dirty linen in public. Tell only the good. This will save you from unnecessary negative emotions.

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