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Passion or love? Differences that will help to understand the feelings


How to distinguish love from passion? This is a complicated question. Especially in the present time, when everything is mixed, different styles, different tastes, different concepts. Many people generally do not share such essential ideas as passion and love, absolutely not seeing the difference and taking one for the other. But if you watch life, you can be sure that they are not the same. So, what is the difference between love and passion?

When you meet not the first week, there comes a moment of understanding whether you are compatible, or all of this is just short-term sexual chemistry. It is difficult to distinguish one from the other! It is how experts suggest solving this issue and finding out if everything is serious with you or you are just wasting time.

What is the basis of the relationship?

In the context of talking about relationships and love, we, of course, consider first of all love passion. The cause of this passion lies in the field of biochemistry of the body. The first thing we notice in the object of our attraction is physical sympathy. Here our unconscious ideas of beauty work. The second is the smell produced by the pheromone, recognized by the organ on the wall of the nasal sinuses.

Relationship based on passion

In a relationship based on passion, the satisfaction of the desires comes first. In this state, we want to experience vivid love emotions, to be with the partner, but we do not want to become attached. These two opposing forces create tension, a barrier that prevents you from seeing and accepting the other. If passion fills the entire relationship space, it will destroy them, and ultimately lead to loneliness. In pursuit of passions, we are not able to accept the warmth and care of another. Frequently, independent people are the victims of their passion: relationships have brought pain and disappointment, and now not experienced passion and fear make it difficult to experience true love.

It is essential to notice that that passion in itself is beautiful, but when it occupies only part of a relationship and is rational. Moreover, the production of hormones responsible for attachment and positive reinforcement of sexual behavior lasts no more than two or three years. Burning passion, like madness, deprives a person of his personality. We seek to devour the other by refusing ourselves.

Relationship based on love

In a love relationship, the happiness and desires of another are highly valued, the feelings of the others are respected. Such relationships are always long lasting, and like any relationship, they inevitably encounter crises. However, in the case of mutual love, actions are selected and considered with caution, with a desire to agree and find a standard solution.

Unfortunately, not all people had the experience of unconditional love from their mother, in their parental family, did not know the experience of open, safe, and trusting relationships. Therefore, in adulthood, they can demonstrate a kind of substitute that they think is love.

Passion demands, appropriate, destroy. Love shares give rewards. Therefore, in the so-called "passionate love" partner requires affection, attention, care, money. In a love rush, we give it all for free.

In passion, a man and a woman go bankrupt, they are forced to be wasted. In love, each of them is filled. A man and a woman, when they are loved, are suddenly transformed, become beautiful and happy.

The most sincere love comes from the heart. Passion is born from the level of sexual desire, regardless of what you want, a new car, a dress, or sexual satisfaction.

Passion causes jealousy.

If you like it so much that you are ready to give up the hobby, meeting with friends and family, and even work - this is most likely passion! Love is based on your compatibility, on the understanding of what is essential for each partner.

Love inspires and gives freedom, absolute freedom to everyone in a pair.

•    Love creates, while passion is destructive.

If in the presence of a partner, you start to feel anxious, your heartbeat quickens, and the world around literally ceases to exist - all the signs of physical dependence on the person are visible. You always want to be close to your partner, and even if you have to leave, you begin to shower your lover with messages

Any conflict ends in bed if it is a passion 

True love is not only physical but also a spiritual feeling because it lies much more profound than passion. Love is a relationship established between two people and based on trust, respect, affection, support, and mutual understanding. Loving someone, we realize that we are ready to take care of this person even more than about ourselves. A loving couple is usually united by common goals, needs, and desires, which they achieve while in a relationship. True love can overcome any obstacles and does not exclude self-sacrifice. Unlike passion, love does not weaken over time, but it only increases.

Feeling in a whirlwind of passion is normal, but in such situations, it is essential to keep your head on your shoulders. Feeling a visceral thrill just because he called you does not mean that he is “the very one.”

Take your time, try to get to know him better, let him know you better, and you will have stronger relationships and better chances for them to continue.

Accept everything as it is, understand that you are attracted to someone new - and use this opportunity to get to know it better. Many relationships that you enter too deeply and too quickly can hurt you. Making commitments in a relationship at the very beginning can be suicidal for something that could otherwise turn into a strong, committed partnership. Spend time with him to get to know each other better before agreeing to any obligations, be it a life together or a wedding. will help you avoid future tragedies.

The truth is that when you fall in love, you do not choose passion or love. You create a balance between these two factors.

Learn to separate passion from love, learn to love! Let you be covered not only by passion, but will be in your life!


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