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Style Guide: 15 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Creating a capsule wardrobe for different seasons has been one of the popular streams in the fashion world for the last years. A capsule wardrobe means to buy the essential and staple pieces that go perfectly with each other and make it easy to combine and create different looks. They are the very basic fundament for every kind of closet. We all love trends and try to follow the seasonal fashion trends (link for 2019 SpringSummer Trends 8 Most Popular Ones that You Need Now). But it is undeniable fact that no wardrobe is complete without essential pieces. These are the items that you turn to in order to create almost every outfit. They are certain pieces every summer closet requires. Therefore, in this blog post, I decided to share with you 15 Summer Capsule wardrobe essentials that will help you to create the simple-chic, effortless and everyday wearable summer outfits. So, I have created a list to guide you through all the must-have summer staples so that you can have your most chic season ever.


  1. White T-Shirt

No word can explain how important a white T-shirt for every wardrobe, for almost every look. You can wear it with jeans or under a blazer, as it’s the most versatile piece in any wardrobe. Nothing screams laid-back summer style like a simple tee. The important thing here is quality as you are going to wear your white tee almost every summer day. Therefore, take into account the quality that it can last longer.

  1. Lace cami

As a white T-shirt is the hero of the day look, lace cami is the star of day-to-night summer outfits. A silk or satin lace cami will make things easier for you. Great paired with high-waisted Levi's 501s or tucked into midi skirts, you can never have too many silky strappy vests in your wardrobe.


  1. White Jeans

There is no better choice than wearing white colour in summer as it creates a bright, refreshing look that looks stunning in the spring/summer season. Simply, combining white T-shirt with a good qualified white jean, you can get an effortlessly chic outfit for a summer day look. White jeans are a new wear-with-anything wardrobe staple. They will instantly refresh your look, adding a summery twist to any outfit.

  1. Cotton Shorts

Striped or pastel cotton short is one of the essentials of a summer capsule wardrobe. You can create a very romantic and girly look with them by wearing high-heel or wedge sandals under in summer. They will go perfectly with your white t-shirt, lace cami or other summer tops in your wardrobe.

  1. High-waisted denim Skirt

No skirt No summer! No one can imagine summer without a denim skirt or sundress. Like denim shorts, denim skirts are an essential piece of a summer capsule wardrobe. You can create a lot of different chic outfits from day to night.

  1. Lightweight trousers

In the hottest days of summer, you may want to wear something light that your skin can breathe and feel cool. So, get a pair of lightweight trousers in linen or breathable cotton. Look for flattering high-waist, wide-leg styles in order to create different summer outfit ideas.


  1. Lightweight Blazer

A lightweight blazer is all you need in outerwear terms in spring/summer season. Luckily there are so many available on the high street that will add a sophisticated edge to any everyday look. Search for neutral hues in cotton or linen fabrics that can be worn in summer and can keep you cool on warm days.

  1. Denim Jacket

Before lightweight blazer, the only jacket you need all summer is a denim jacket actually! You will wear your denim jacket all the freaking time and you are going to love how it can complete any spring/summer outfit. You can pair it with a contrasting denim wash or white jeans, but also throw it over a strappy summer dress too! To be honest, a denim jacket is just a year-round closet essential!

  1. The Linen Dress

When we think about summer dress the only thing comes to our mind is a floral dress. But, actually, summer should not be about the floral dress only. If we talk about a capsule wardrobe, we should think about the easily combinable pieces while doing shopping. Therefore, a linen dress is the best choice for a one-piece to add to your summer capsule wardrobe. A lightweight, shirt-like maxi version that can be worn everywhere from the office to the beach is best.


  1. White Sneakers

White sneaker is an essential, staple, irreversible and a must-have element of any wardrobe. Therefore, we cannot imagine a capsule wardrobe without them. Nothing adds a crisp edge to an outfit better than a white sneaker. White sneakers go with everything, with summer dresses, blue, white and black jeans, midi, mini, denim skirts—no exaggeration.

  1. Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are a staple piece of summer capsule wardrobe. They are versatile and comfortable. These sandals are the perfect choice for anyone that may struggle to wear heels comfortably but still wants the look. Wedge sandals can be dressed up or down and can look great with dresses, trousers, shorts and skirts.

  1. Tan Strappy Sandals

If you care a lot about your comfort and do not want to wear closed shoes to your feet in the hottest days of summer, strappy summer sandals are the best choice for your summer capsule wardrobe. As a wardrobe staple it is a better choice to choose the tan colored sandals. You can wear them under every kind of summer outfit. They go very well with denim shorts, skirt and sundresses as well.

  1. Slides

Slides are popular trends of the last years. Almost all fashionistas, famous fashion bloggers created different looks by wearing slides under their outfits. While you could wear flip flops all summer long, slides make a much more sophisticated choice. You can pair them with a maxi linen dress or midi skirt and shirt for a look that’s simultaneously relaxed and luxurious. Tan coloured slides go perfectly with white wide leg jeans as you can see in the pictures.

  1. Straw Bag

Nothing screams “summer is here” like a straw bag. The round medium sized ones are most popular that complete every summer look. Choose a bag with leather or canvas straps for added comfort.

  1. Coloured Crossbody Bag

A summer capsule wardrobe cannot be completed without a pop of colour. While you could buy brightly toned pieces, a chic crossbody bag will be more practical choice. The colour of choice depends on your taste, it can be red, pink or yellow or your favourite colour. You can create numerous outfits with your crossbody bag in your favourite colour.

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