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How to make your wardrobe eco-friendly?

No matter how beautiful the fashion industry is, it has its own dark side. Clothing production is one of the “dirty” industries for the ecology. It generates 20% of all wastewater in the world and...

Zodiac signs in the Chinese (Eastern) horoscope by year of birth

Chinese or Eastern horoscope by year of birth will help to understand your individuality and to know yourself, revealing in yourself previously unknown talents and opportunities.

What is the reason of having circles under the eyes and what to do with them?

If dark circles appear under the eyes, then do not rush to gloss over them with a corrector. If the cause of the bruises lies deeper, then...

Make fire recommendations to return the love to the relationships

The extinction of romantic is one of the most frequent problems of couples that have long been together. Partners become close to each other, but gradually friendships crowd out love. Why does it happen???

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Any relationship needs to be worked on, but when it comes to toxic relationships that are destructive for a couple, you need to either work twice or find the strength to put an end to it...