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Trends in detail: the most fashionable accessories summer 2019

During the warm season, accessories are perhaps the key part of the image. In our selection you will find the most fashionable jewelry, hats and glasses that will perfectly complement the outfit.

The accessories of the new season echo the key podium trends, so the trendiest things are overgrown with all sorts of feathers of strange birds, massive chains, and also adopt the bright and juicy color palette of summer. Designers decide to give us a little bit of freedom without making us suffer because of impractical hats or jewelry, and offer simple hats that are not overloaded with decor (and most importantly, utilitarian volumes), massive glasses that really protect from the sun (as opposed to options with narrow lenses from last season), as well as diverse statement-accessories that can even make an unimaginable fashionable ensemble from a pair of “white t-shirt and jeans”.

The most popular materials are metal, semi-precious stones, pearls and plastic. Sometimes nature itself gives a basis for design creativity. For the creation of fashion accessories used shells, stones without stones, straw for weaving.


Sports glasses

Despite the fact that the style of athleisure is gradually fading into the background (and not surprisingly: the tiredness of the many years of the dictatorship of sport and ugly-fashion affects), something designers still moved from the relaxed dress code to the new season. For example, large glasses with colored or mirrored lenses are the main antagonists of retro-futurism cat-eye narrow glasses that ruled the ball in the summer of 2018. To wear sports models, it is not necessary to know how to get up on a snowboard or master the bike skillfully, but to avoid direct comparisons with sports, combining such accent and catchy glasses stands with light dresses and romantic outfits.


Decorative chains

The chain has become the leitmotif of the latest fashion shows. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and chokers from large links have appeared in almost all collections of the most famous brands.

Chain fever has captured not only bijoux. It switched to other accessories. Belts of thick and thin chains, handles of bags - it does not matter where the fashion trend appears. The main thing that he was present, at least in detail.

Statement accessorizes

The stylistics of state-of-the-art jewelry is firmly entrenched on the fashionable catwalk. And this is not surprising. It is too pretentious and effective. Large, sometimes even massive earrings, pendants and necklaces with non-trivial décor are “classics of the genre”. It was during this performance that the fashion house Gucci and Givenchy presented their decorations.

Miu Miu saw the trend in its own way - they created weighty necklaces and earrings from a variety of threads with rhinestones. Fashionable themes of the romantic era can be traced to the necklace from Oscar de la Renta. But the brightest of all were the stylists Dries Van Noten. They embodied the Statement in woven ruffles of gold threads and feathers.

Unusual decorations

Decorations that are not amenable to frames and do not fit into the standards - the hit of the spring-summer 2019 season. What do they look like? First of all, the most original. These can be half rings of fantastic shape, like those of Giorgio Armani, or large clips with an abstract pattern, like those of Balenciaga. And the once-fashionable horseshoes, the designers of Burberry, changed to earrings in the form of horse's hooves.

If you want more original experiments, you can look at something from the Coach collection. Mono-ear in the form of a fork with curved teeth are suitable for lovers of grunge or rock style. Loewe leather jewelery is made in the same way. With such accessories it is easy to be original and stand out from the mainstream.

Accessories logos

Logomania - this name has received a total passion of designers with their own brand names. Logos of brands adorned on clothes, fashionable shoes and bags. And, of course, the fashion trend could not pass over the accessories.

Decorate your image with earrings, glasses, watches, rings and bracelets with the names of famous fashion houses. And do not be shy, choose letters bigger and brighter. Let everyone know what brand of fans you consider yourself to be. Moreover, the overseas logos are now more relevant than ever.

Large bracelets, earrings and pendants

Massive jewelry is the must have of the spring-summer 2019 season. Such famous fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Alexander McQueen love large jewelry.

But this season, she unexpectedly appeared even in the collections of the always sober and conservative fashion experts, like Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. Designers presented massive jewelry in the form of ponderous "chandeliers", bracelets and pendants of the most bizarre forms.

Jewelry and accessories with flowers

Now you can not only present flowers in bouquets. The gift will be much more interesting if the flowers are in the form of earrings or a necklace. Moreover, the “bouquet-flower” theme was almost the main trend at the fresh fashion shows. In the trend of the rims of roses, sunflowers, gerberas and other inflorescences.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces with flowers are also relevant. It can be massive pendants with large flowers or small cuffs with one “buttercup”. Special charm and femininity radiate fashionable in the spring-summer 2019 season with many colorful florets.

Asymmetry and monoearrings

Asymmetric earrings talk about the unwillingness of their hostess to follow the standards. In the trend of the hoop or semi-rings of different sizes with nugget stones. This version of the asymmetry presented Missoni. And in Oscar de la Renta decided to turn on the style of boho. His asymmetrical "gold" earrings were made in the spirit of ringing and alluring gypsy jewelry.

Jewelry from one earring remains relevant. But mono-money should compensate for their proud loneliness. It should be large and visible. And most importantly - mono-ear does not need to be accompanied by other accessories. If you choose this accessory, then no other costume jewelry should be present in the bow. An example is the exquisite images from Oscar de la Renta.

Straw hats

If last season the dictatorship in fashion was set up by hypertrophied “introvert hats” from Jacquemus, then this season it is worth setting aside huge options. Designers offer more practical small fedoras, straw visors or boaters. The variety is huge, so it is easy to choose for yourself the most utilitarian model of the optimal size, because of the volumes of which you will not definitely feel detached from the outside world.

Belts with decor

Particular attention during the warm season 2019 paid to the belts. No wonder. Thongs emphasize the beautiful, thin waist - the pride of any girl.

If you do not want to go far beyond the classics, then choose belts with spectacular buckles, like Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s.

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