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What are the outfits of celebrities in everyday life?  

Can you imagine how much forces invested in creating images for each star where a whole team of stylists and makeup artists work? If you want to understand how the real taste of a famous person looks like just pay attention to the way she dresses in everyday life. Which of them is looking perfect, even during a regular walk through the city?

Jennifer Aniston

It must be admitted that Jennifer has excellent taste in clothes, for which we love her even more. According to critics, this Hollywood actress has almost no fashionable blunders. Jennifer prefers classic and conciseness to bold experiments and shocking. Both on the red carpet, and on her way to the supermarket the style Jennifer Aniston remains impeccable.

Her outfits are distinguished by simplicity and comfort, but at the same time, they are not deprived of a sense of taste and style, as well as fashion trends. A harmonious blend of styles, such as sports with classics, and always well-chosen accessories - this is something that should learn from her.

Angelina Jolie

One of the brightest stars of Hollywood over the past few years has been preferring discreet laconic models in casual wear. The colors this actress choose usually with a predominance of black and gray. Angelina also prefers “total Black” style a lot

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The love of one of the most brutal men in Hollywood - Jason Stethem -Rosie, appeared in our list for a reason. She began her career as an assistant at a modeling agency. As Rosie, herself admits, if she had not become a model, she would still have connected her life with the world of fashion and design. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's casual style is confirmed by the fact that in all the years of observing this star, paparazzi have not managed to catch her in an unsuccessful outfit. She manages to dress comfortably while looking fashionable.

Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence in everyday life prefers to dress very simply and comfortably. Plain jeans, white T-shirt and miniature hat. Looking in such an outfit so elegantly is doubly difficult - the set of clothes is too simple, and to effectively wear it, you need to have an excellent figure and charm. Practically the same “fur accessory” in her everyday looks is Pippi’s little pet dog.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of those celebrities who hold the brand always and everywhere, demonstrating the highest level of style. The designer has invariably spectacular outfits of the perfect cut, in most cases from her own collections. Another distinctive feature of the images of Victoria - shoes with heels and sunglasses in a large frame. Trouser suits, neutral blouses, a minimum of recognizable branded accessories and defiant things, but always great shoes and bags. This principle of choosing a wardrobe is a good tip for any fashion lover

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has found her style and she is carrying it with her over the past years. This style works for her, makes her a star and she is always faithful to it. The distinctive features of Kim's everyday looks are tight-fitting silhouettes that leave no place for imagination, leather goods, and furs, emphasizing her star status. The mandatory attribute of such outfits Kim always becomes a very elegant shoe. In addition, she prefers jeans, clearly outlining the silhouette, rather than a loose fit, delicately opening the ankle. Kim can complement such a basis with anything: with tops with rocker symbolism, and snow-white shirts in men's style.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that she dresses as a simple person in everyday life. And let it be! Jeans, white T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers are what makes her beautiful. The main thing that she did not forget to wear her exclusive "accessory" – her amazing smile, for which fans all over the world fell in love with Julia

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of those stars who doesn't really care about the style in everyday life. Very often her choice in clothing is a T-shirt, sports sweaters with shorts or sweat pants, and shoes where comfort is the most important. Another distinctive feature of the singer's street style is her hair, which is always bundled up.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is considered as one of the most elegant and sophisticated women in Hollywood. This is evident in her everyday looks, which show the nobility and refinement of this woman. Even at the airport with babies in her arms, she looks very feminine due to the fact that she chooses a dress with a floral print and shoes with a small heel or a laconic costume with a white shirt.

Jennifer Lopez

Both the clips and on the red carpet, we are accustomed to seeing Jennifer Lopez in fairly frank outfits and sensual images, showing all the advantages of her body. In everyday life, the star also looks very sexy. She does not neglect the shoes with heels and prefers clothing, which favorably emphasizes everything that should be emphasized. Very fond of pencil skirts and beautiful neckline.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Thanks to the “Sex and the City” TV series, Sarah Jessica Parker has become a recognized icon of style. In ordinary life, she is primarily a mother. This determines her choice of clothes: the main thing is convenience. Well, what could be more comfortable than jeans, pullovers and low-run shoes?

Modern fashion is determined not only by collections from famous brands, but also the street style of stars. And it's not just their popularity, but the fact that they are the ones who set the most current trends in street fashion.

Casual celebrity images feature a wide variety of clothing. The color range is also distinguished by the richness of shades, with a predominance of black, blue, red and pink. Classic stripes and peas are among the most popular prints. Celebrities try not to mix prints and focus on one thing.

Stylish dresses for every day will add femininity and romance to the image. Beautiful summer dresses can be decorated with flounces, embroidery or unusual patterns. Dress length can be different: from bold mini to elegant maxi. Among fashionable styles, leading places are occupied by wrap-around dresses and shirt dresses.

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