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What is better not to wear for an interview

What is better not to wear for an interview

You are a specialist who is looking for a job. You have everything that an ideal employee needs: experienced, knowledge, experience, - in a word, you are a professional. Your resume is perfect, and the employer has called you for an interview.

People read information about each other, even before starting verbal communication. In 30 seconds, the first impression is compiled, which is difficult to change after. But while on the hands of the recruiter only a resume, the good impression that it made on the employer can be strengthened.



What can be considered a fatal miss in the selection of a suitable wardrobe for an interview?

Firstly, it is important to remember that each new interview is different from the previous one and it is rather difficult to compare them. Each company has its own goals, rules, customs, in accordance with which employees dress. It’s one thing when you come to a company that was looking for an employee. Another is when you go to a company that wants to cooperate with you only, and you have received a personal invitation. Naturally, in the second case, the way you look is no longer of such fundamental importance.

As for the interview from the advertising, at the first moment, you should look neutral, and it is desirable to conform to the spirit of the company in which you are going to work. The way you look says to the HR two things: first, about your adequacy, and second, that you know where you are.

What to avoid in your wardrobe?

Some people think that the primary way to the heart of the employer is to make the most vivid impression possible, and therefore to be remembered and in general, to dress as extraordinarily and creatively as possible. Other, more conservative applicants, consider that they need to be in a strict business suit or in any other clothing that emphasizes serious mood. Here, of course, it is worth to go back to the company’s roots and to analyze priorities and goals.

What to do with the rest of the outfit?


Of course, excessively sexy outfits are is not entirely appropriate and, for sure, will cause a refusal. It would be naive to believe that if the boss is a man, then a deep cleavage will provide you with a position. On the contrary, such an outfit is an indicator that the candidate is hardly going to work; and even if this is not the case, the stereotype will work for the person making the employment decision.

Skirt length

For an interview, regardless of the industry or the company's rating, a short skirt is not the best choice. Hints of sexuality in a business setting are inappropriate. In this case, they will mainly pay attention to your legs, and not to your face. According to experts, when coming to the interview, women should wear skirts that do not open up too much space in the hips. The universal "business" style of the skirt is a straight skirt up to the middle of the knee.


Narrow clothes

You should be picky while choosing this type of outfit, as the difference between the tight clothing that will show you in the best light and the one in which you will look vulgar is in some millimeters of fabric. Skirts and trousers should not be too narrow


Transparent clothing

At this point, we can say categorically “no”. Transparent clothes for an interview will never show you in the best light whatever advantages you might have on your resume. Before you go to the office, it is recommended to stand on the lighted place. That will help you to check whether the silhouette of the body is visible through the fabric. Of course, in no case, you should wear a transparent blouse on a naked body. Jackets should be worn over them. As for the skirts, they should have a non-translucent lining.



Jewellery is quite an essential element of an outfit, but you have to be extremely careful when wearing it.  Too many of them look vulgar. If a woman wears a thick chain, necklace or beads in several rows, then earrings and bracelets should be in smaller volume.

The issue of piercings is still at the level of whether to show them or not and depends on the priorities of the company you are going to join.


Clean shoes - the key to success of any of your meetings, whether it's a date, meeting with friends or an interview. Another thing, what kind of shoes to wear for a job interview.

Do not put on an interview shoe with too high heels, and even more so - on the stiletto. Model shoes on an average heel will be an ideal option. In the summer, despite the very strong heat, in a coma case, you should not come in slapping and, if possible, it is better to avoid sandals.

Color spectrum

Bright acid colors are “not”! Large meaningless inscriptions are also not the best way to make an impression.

Make a preference to pastel shades, or any other muted colors, so that when you are going to meet with HR, they will not have negative signals about you. Believe us; sometimes even red blouse can cause a negative response.

Black and dark blue clothes will also look good. Blouses and knitwear are the best to choose in monochromatic, pastel colors. There should not be bright ornaments.


Unfortunately, it’s hard to say exactly how an ideal job applicant should look. But there is a formulated list of details that almost guaranteed to provide the applicant with a complete failure.

Choosing the outfit for an interview, think not only about your comfort but also about the comfort of others. This is probably the first rule. Secondly, remember also that if you strive to succeed, to make a career, you should dress as if you have already achieved the desired results in business and occupied the position that you would like to take. And third: take into account the generally accepted rules of wardrobe, appropriate in the office.

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