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Where to find motivation for sports

Where to find motivation for sports

During the daily bustle, we do not always notice how our lifestyle slowly but surely harms our health. Work, late snacks, coffee, fast food - all this affects our physical condition in the most harmful way. If we want to live a long and happy life, enjoy every day and breathe deeply, we should bring ourselves into shape. How to do it? Of course, taking up sports.

İt is where everything usually ends: it is worth thinking about how much effort it will cost us to acquire suitable physical conditions, and we immediately abandon this venture. İt is because awareness of the problem is the first and most important, but the timidest step towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are not able to motivate yourself properly to the sport, everything will be limited only to dreams of harmony.

Reward yourself for perseverance

And how to reward yourself for regular workouts? To go to some bar/ theater/ shopping just in honor of the usual weekly exercise? Not the best idea. But you can indulge yourself with small things: proper equipment, favorite healthy food after training, tasty sports nutrition. ( https://withladies.com/sport-health ) These little things may seem insignificant for the result of the actual sport, but they are essential for motivation. Everyone knows how purchasing of new sneakers( www.nike.com  )  affects us.

Set a goal

You need to know precisely what you are doing. In this case, the target can be any: lose weight in two sizes, run 10 km, wring out 100 times, learn to stand on your head, etc. When you reach one goal, immediately put a new one: it will be easier for you to achieve results.

Achieving the goals always brings us pure satisfaction. That is, in addition to the actual result, which is evident and tangible — a slim body — we also get an emotional one.

Build a plan in advance

Determine what resources you will need to achieve the goal - it can be not only money but also time, energy, knowledge, help from other people. Consider the steps that you will have to make on the way to the goal, divide them into smaller and more easily accomplished ones (this is where you can start today). Try to estimate the risks and workarounds in advance. Without obstacles, both external and internal, no one has ever achieved their goals.

Avoid monotony

Regularly change the training program. First, it’s annoying to do the same thing, and secondly, the body needs to be continually amazed and shaken - only this way, you will achieve high results.

Do not rush things

After the first sessions, you may experience euphoria - you will begin to feel your body differently, feeling every muscle. Perhaps progress will be noticeable soon, and you immediately want more, but you will encounter difficulties. This is the most challenging moment for a beginner athlete to endure. Continue to work intensively as well, honing the technique and gradually increasing the load.

Have patience - the results will be, but not immediately, and if you try to make a sharp jerk (sharply limit calories, dramatically increase the load). Then after a while, you will receive the same severe rollback - and it will stop you from all desire to continue. Perseverance and consistency are more critical than exploits and heroism.

Surround yourself with everything that connects you to your goal. Start living in a world connected with your goal. If you want to run marathons, then hang up posters of famous athletes, watch competitions, read books, attend training, communicate with people who share your interests. Communication with people on the same wavelength is perhaps the most powerful incentive. Our environment influences us very much, and it is this that can help support our motivation.

Find a team and a coach

A team is someone other than you who is moving towards the same goal. At least one person. Everything is simple here: motivation works all around. You support your like-minded people, they are you, and together it’s easier for you not to merge with the training. Usually, in the process of training the team develops into a whole sports community, which together prepares for other competitions and continues communication.

The trainer provides additional support and motivation, but most importantly - structures the process. He has a regular training plan. He monitors your condition and adjusts the training based on it, sets the right technique and monitors the balance between workload and recovery: in general, he does everything so that you can reach the target started in the best shape, and in the process of preparation you are not injured and not burned out.

Be prepared for hardships

Let's be honest: sports training is still a comfort zone. And this is the case when the attitude to the situation decides everything.

At the stage of progress, sooner or later an irreversible decline may occur. On the way to achieving the goal, or more often after attaining it, the athlete has a so-called psychological rift.

The rift period is challenging to overcome, but if you are going to achieve something in sports, and not just, for example, “prepare your shape for the summer,” you need to be able to survive it. A lot of people trying to do sports, but only 7% of them can achieve real success (no matter if they win an Olympic medal or look athletic every day and all year round), and the rest are wasting time. And it is this 7 % that can overcome this period of the rift when the word “want” is replaced by the word “must.” A truly motivated athlete will not stop either the period of the rift or failure, as he knows how to work on mistakes and continues to go further. İt is the pure willpower, when painful periods and failures do not break, but rather harden.

The surest decision to get out of the rift period as quickly as possible is to monitor progress. So, you can determine the degree of development and how your training process is suitable for you. Remember: there is no training program for everyone; it is selected taking into account the individual abilities of each. Do not be afraid to experiment - this is one of the ways how to achieve the goal.

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