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Why women should start buying men's clothing

If earlier, men's clothing was something categorically distant and inaccessible for women, then now items of men's wardrobe moved to women's and took a position. Even though it happened in stages, starting with a men's shirt first, it happened fast enough and rooted strongly. While it was all just the beginning, wearing men's clothes was considering a peculiar manifestation of independence and strength, and the fact is that it was the expression of elegance and a sense of style. Now, men’s wardrobe items are an integral part of any fashionista.

Let’s just analyze why we are so attracted to men’s clothing and what is behind the pros to buy and wear it.

Cost that worth paying attention

Not sure if you already managed to notice it, but clothes from the men's section are quite cheaper! For sure, there is a reason behind it and It is all about existing women’s tax or also so-called pink tax. According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs study, men's goods are about 7% cheaper than women’s, while men's clothing is 8% cheaper than women’s. Such statistics cannot fail to amaze. Moreover, it makes (well, at least a bit) happier and encourage girls to look at men's item more carefully, because why not save more money by buying better things.

The quality of clothes and the difference that amazes

We said “better” in a reason. Let’s admit that in addition to the fact that clothes from the men's sections are cheaper, they are also more often more qualitative. Yes, it works so that most often men's items are staying at the same position for a quite long period of time. Next time you will go shopping just look at the materials and tailoring of shirts in women’s shops, by which all the shopping malls are full. Leaves much to be desired, right? And even when we acquire such an item, we can perfectly understand how little it will serve us.

Now let's go back to the men's section and analyze the situation once again. Do you feel the quality? Exactly!

How does this work and where do so many differences come from? The fact is that, the women's fashion wardrobe items are gaining popularity and becoming fashionable very quickly and, at the same time, they stop being trendy just in the other moment. It means that it is not necessary at all that those items should serve for a long time, as nobody is going to pay for them so soon. The question is why manufacturers should spend on it more than needed&? This principle works the same with masculine clothes. The reason is that, in the case of men's clothing the number of models is not so wide in comparison with women's, and therefore, quality is important.

Let’s just add here the fact that according to psychological signs, men, for the majority of the part, prefer to go shopping rarely and at one time, to keep everything they need and not to buy often. So, we are returning back to the theory of quality. Qualitatively – means that it will be in use for a long time. So, why not to take an advantage of this?

Comfort is important

From the practical part we smoothly turn into the aesthetic part and here we get comfort! Comfort, in all its manifestations, because how can you not feel it while you wrap yourself in huge baggy sweatshirts from the men's store, or when you throw on yourself that denim jacket with wide shoulders before going to the shop, or when you wrap yourself in spacious shirts. It is difficult to achieve this feeling while wearing pencil skirts, close-fitting sweaters and other women's closes, which requires special attention.

The little details (in big things) and creating comfort, making us feeling protected in the world of voluminous men's clothes.

Ideal to stand out from the crowd

Let's talk now about how easy and simple, and most importantly, bright, you can stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, of course, it’s not so easy to define if the cloth is from men’s or women’s store, especially within the framework of modern fashion, but it’s up to the real fashionistas. You will find a wide, cozy sweatshirt in both the women's and men's departments, but you should agree that in the women's one we are going to find inappropriate pink accessory with a probability of 80%. Have you been looking for this? The same principle works with wide and voluminous shirts girls love so much. Therefore, all these oversizers from the men's section, which are mast-haves for now, give free rein to taste.

A nice bonus for any girl:  there is so low chances to meet a girl with the same shirt, therefore, you can be sure - you are the only one

The experiments we deserve

Flight of imagination is another point in defense to buying men’s clothes. You have an idea? Embody it! In case you cannot realize it - go to the men's section. The secret is simple (also cheap) - most importantly, feel free, look for your style and express yourself

Men's clothes on the girl as sexy outfit

Here we are! Perhaps, we are not able to say for sure how it works that girl in men's clothes looks hot (and we are now speaking not only about his shirt on you before breakfast) - but believe us, this is a common fact. Among the majority of men surveyed, it was stated that girls are looking insanely beautiful and hot, which means, dear girls, you know what to do.

Here we come to the moment when our whole small but very useful theory is justified. Even if you are still in doubt, shy or do not dare to do what attracts you, you know, it's worth to try it. Are you in love with that damn attractive sweatshirt from Zara's shop? Is that shirt in H&M would be perfect with the jeans you have? Do you want to buy half of the items from men’s section of ASOS? Then do it! The ball is on your court now!

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