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Why you should start the day with yoga

What does your morning start with? From checking social networks and reading news for a cup of coffee? But what if we discard all this and will devote the morning to ourselves? For example, why not to start your morning with yoga. Just an hour and a half practices create a cool mood for the whole day, filled with energy. The benefits of such activities are felt immediately, both on the physical and energy levels. And after a good workout, the body is just ready for a wholesome breakfast.

Many residents of the metropolis have daily lack energy, trying to make up for it with the help of invigorating drinks. In this case, yoga in the morning helps a lot. All biological processes are activated in your body, so the practice is the most effective. At the same time, the body also needs to be cleansed of toxins, and, as you know, this is impossible without physical activity.



Yoga in the morning wakes us up after sleep, gives us vigor and allows us to prepare for the upcoming daytime activities. Practice serves as a kind of “push” to the operating mode, helping to reveal the internal reserves of our body. During classes, each cell is filled with energy: from above to the very toes. And what is very important, all this happens in a quiet mode, smoothly and without jerking. After sleep, our body is not ready for increased activity and sudden movements. In this regard, the practice of yoga (especially such a direction as hatha) is an ideal option for physical activity, which, by the way, allows you to maintain youth and harmony regardless of age.



In the process of training, we disperse the blood, saturate the body with oxygen, stretch the spine and work out the mobility of the joints. As a result, we begin to feel our body much better. By practicing regularly, we become more flexible, both physically and psychologically. After all, as you know, the flexibility of the body and mind are interconnected, and one generates the other. In addition, we become more active physically and mentally, and therefore more productive. Yoga classes increase the sharpness of the mind, which allows you to quickly cope with many tasks during the day.


Yoga perfectly works out all muscle groups, improves skin tone and energizes it for the whole day. And if you are interested in starting yoga classes, then this list of “useful” points for you:

⠂Good posture and muscle corset. Systematic practice of yoga will tone the muscles of the body. Yoga practice helps relieve muscle cramps in the cervical and shoulder regions. Your shoulders will drop and straighten, and your back will straighten.

⠂Slim figure. Yoga relieves addictions, helps balance weight in a positive way. Classes will benefit absolutely everyone - you will lose or gain weight depending on the needs of your body.

⠂Healthy back. Almost all yoga asana strengthen the muscles of the core, back and work to stretch the spine. Twists and bends forward are very useful. As a result, the intervertebral space is filled with a special fluid that prevents the spinal discs from attrition.



Health and vitality

⠂Strengthening immunity. Yoga activates the natural forces of the body, enhances resistance to various diseases.

⠂Cheerfulness. Despite the rather difficult physical exercises, yoga helps to fill up with energy for the whole day. Fatigue and apathy go away, and it’s also easier to wake up in the morning.

⠂Great mood. Yoga classes improve blood circulation, saturate the brain with oxygen and promote the release of endorphins - hormones of happiness.

⠂Emotion control. It is no secret that negative emotions leave traces on our body in the form of clamps and blocks. Regular yoga gradually frees you from bodily shackles and subconscious mental blocks.


Calm mind

Yoga helps to hear yourself, your inner “I”. Knowing your inner world, hearing yourself and your desires is the main thing that yoga practice can give you. There are moments that help to stop and understand whether you are moving in the right direction, whether it is your desire or imposed by society, etc.

⠂Self-confidence. The body becomes light, flexible and fit. By practicing balances and complex asana, you overcome the fear of a previously unknown body position and fear of falling. You become more confident not only on the rug, but also in life. You begin to radiate positive energy, believe in yourself and attract only good events in your daily routine.

⠂Concentration of attention. Performing asana, we improve concentration on the position of our body, breathing, we reject all extraneous thoughts and external problems. Practice teaches us to be aware of ourselves at the present moment in time, to enjoy every moment of life.


If you decided to do yoga, you need to understand what is needed for this. We have prepared some tips for getting started. Starting a yoga training session is much easier if you know the theory.

The correct first yoga lesson is based on 5 stages, knowing which you can easily learn the practice. 

⠂Clothing. Choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. 

⠂Food. Everyone knows the rule: eat less - live longer. In yoga, this rule is strictly observed. Moreover, it is necessary to eat 2-3 hours before yoga and 2-3 hours after practice. During yoga, try not to drink a lot of water, it can also interfere with the performance of twists or asana in the slope.

⠂Injuries and illnesses. Be sure to share with your instructor about your pains, injuries or past illnesses. The teacher will be able to choose asana based on your information, and will also be able to control the implementation of certain poses. 

⠂Smartphone. You should concentrate on performing asana, on breathing. Calls and notifications can interfere with practice not only for you, but also for your group in the classroom.

⠂Perfectionism. Ignore everyone and everything. The environment should not worry you during training. Your experience should accumulate over time, do not try to overtake someone and perform a difficult asana. 

Yoga helps us to move forward to meet obstacles with the confidence that you can do everything. Watch your inner feelings - do you like an instructor, a studio, etc. Remember that everything is in your hands and there is no reason to quit yoga classes at all, just change the conditions for practice.

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