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With friend are you according to your zodiac sign

With friend are you according to your zodiac sign

I do not know who were the first person on the Earth, who looked up sky and said: “Ohh… That stars group looks like twins. The one who were born under this group must have very twisted personality”

I mean, why, just why?...

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However, no matter how much every one “hates” horoscope and never actually believes it, everyone knows their zodiac sign and little bit curios about their horoscope too. Then let’s get close look up to our precious zodiac signs again and find out which zodiac sign are you in the friends group.

  1. Aries – Lets climb the mountain, because why not?!

When you are in the situations with your friends and you are wondering what made you got there, well, you can be sure that it is up to your Aries friend. Swimming in the sea on cold winter day? Exploring abandoned building? Going to unplanned camping trip with no tent? Why not? It gonna be fun, it gonna be adventure and lets face it, no one has passion to arguing with Aries at all. So grab your backpack and follow your Aries friend!

  1. Taurus – When you need money and food!

Everyone has one friend who would give him or her their last penny. Maybe they does not show up on the meeting at right time, maybe they not into sharing their food, maybe they can`t follow your long relationship problems, but men, they sure are reliable.  You can call them at 3 AM and ask for ride or just five dollars for beer and they will be on their way!

  1. Gemini – to be, or not to be?

We all have that one particular friend who are “going” on all facebook event and never shows up. As if it does not matter if it is Bar mitzvah Jacob or hard rock part of Jenny’s – they are DEFINETELY going! Or not. I do not know, it must be hard to be Gemini. However, when they finally actually went that party,  that party gonna be lit for sure.

  1. Cancer – If they love you, you will know.

I do not know when the last time your friend told you that they love you. But whenever that was, it probably come out from Cancer. Emotions are great, especially when you are embracing them. However, it is not cool to cry in the middle of the party… because they fish died… a year ago.

  1. Leo – did you mentioned that I am the king/queen of forests?

Well, if you really have a king/queen in your friend group, you are gonna feel it. Moreover, the best thing is, they never actually tried to hide that fact at all! I mean, they gonna roar, they gonna purr – but their shiny, big crown will be settled on their heads forever! But do not worry, that king/queen loves to work more than their commoners.

  1. Virgo – I ordered Uber for all you already.

No one like fussy, cleaning obsessed and telling-off people. Why you need a friend who would tell you that your “love of life”, it is just another flirt that you will forget about it? Who need a friend who says buying five color of same shirt is just ridiculous?  Do you really need a friend who will organize your birthday party, wedding and even honeymoon better that a professional planner? However, the only upside is when you are cold, they would make best chicken soup ever!

  1. Libra – You are right! But, you are right as well…

So there is an argument in the friend group, there is always one person who are actually willing to listen both side and understand their feelings. Because it is how the Libras do. They listen, they empathize, they try to understand and they agree. But never chose a side. However, I can not be sure that they can not chose side because they empathize too much, or they just too lazy to pick one? Probably it is both in the same time!

  1. Scorpio – Passion – just one word enough.

If you have friend who owns money, girls/boys, luxury and everything, than you have a Scorpion friends. Good thing is, they have access to all clubs and privet shows! And they can take you guys with themselves whenever you want! Well, whenever they want… and whit whom… and where. I really don’t want to say that they are manipulative, because they might stab themselves with their venomous needles`.  And we do not want to hurt that little buddy of us.

  1. Sagittarius – Careful, I have an arrow and do not know how to aim…

Honesty is the best policy! However, it might have some errors in the real life. Especially when you just can’t stop it. Can we take a minute of silence for our beloved, straightforward and little bit clumsy Sagittarius friends, please?

  1. Capricorn – your only CEO friend.

Remember your only friend, who present all gatherings, but never contributes any discussion and just listens? I bet, you tough “that kid should spoke out, if wants to get somewhere”. Well, they did get somewhere. They probably have your CV on their desk and by looking at it wondering “why the name sounds so familiar?”

  1. Aquarius – Born to be a rebel!

If you have Aquarius friend, can you ask them are they smallest child or not? If the answers is “no? they are probably lying. No first child ever dare to be these carefree, spontaneous and cheerful! They are the influencers of the group, the natural leaders! Of course, when they are not laze – which most times they are.

  1. Pisces – Why you need group mascots, when you have a Pisces?

Are you eager to big, warm and defiantly FREE hug? Your Pisces friend here for you! Ready to hug, cry and make you hot chocolate in all the seasons! Everybody loves Pisces and guess what, Pisces loves everybody too! That might be quite confusing, try to not get emotional about it - you did get the joke, right?

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